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Please note that our products can be used on all types of horses depending on how much is given. These categories are a guide only based on satisfying optimum nutrient requirements.


For horses at rest or with little/no work. Suggested products include:

Pony maintenance cubes

Claytons pellets

Light Work

For horses ridden/worked 1-3 hours per week. Suggested feed products include:

Pony cubes

Claytons pellets

Oat-Free muesli

Moderate Work

For horses ridden/worked 3-5 hours per week. Suggested feed products include:

Horse cubes

Horse muesli

Oat-Free muesli

Heavy Work


For horses ridden/worked 5 hours+ per week or training for competition/racing. Suggested feed products include:

Horse Pellets

Horse Muesli

Hi Performance Muesli 


For mares, stallions and youngstock. Suggested feed products include:

Grower weaner pellets

Horse pellets

Herb Supplements


Various grains that can be added as a supplement or mixed externally. Great as a ‘top up’ or for weight gain.

Steam rolled grains

Flaked grains

Whole grains 

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