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Dodson and Horrell Testimonials


Ideal for horses and ponies prone to excitability or stress.
Dodson and Horrell Placid
“Lucy from Kentaur Australia approached me at a show when one of my mares was being ridiculous in the warm-up, and suggested I try a sample of a new product called Dodson & Horrell ‘Placid’. I was sceptical as this mare has always been difficult, but I was willing to give it a shot as I figured it couldn’t hurt. Going in with no expectations meant that I was completely blown away with the improvement in just a week on the product.
The mare was much less ‘fizzy’, more rideable and more focused on her job. I now keep both my ‘silly’ mares on Placid and continue to see the benefits. We are very happy with this great new product!”


Herbal support for a healthy coat and skin.

“Highly recommend the Itch Free product. We live in the Mandurah area and have a high mosquito population at certain times of the year. We tried the Itch Free last summer and couldn’t be happier with the result. Josie is a much happier little horse and we were able to do a lot less rugging.”

“Kentaur Pyro had itchy lumps covering his body that looked very sore (as well as unsightly). Within 2 weeks of being on the Itch Free, they had completely cleared up and he was so much happier!”

Dodson and Horrell Itch Free

“My Palomino gelding Brocky at this time of the year gets tormented by flies and goes from a placid, relaxed boy to a distracted cranky boy who ends up covered in bites and can’t stand still, spending all his time trying to get them off. I feel so bad for him and rug him when not too hot. I have had several vet visits when he has been covered in hives and bites
So I started him on Dodson and Horrell ‘Itch Free’ 13 days ago. He took to it straight away and eats it all up in his dinner. I noticed a difference after about 7 days, much happier in the paddock and not being tormented by midges/flies. But the real difference was today riding out when he would normally be covered in flies (and the flies were around) but no!! One or two landed on him over our whole hour’s ride. So happy I put him on this product, so good to see him happy and we were able to enjoy our ride out in peace. I also normally cover him in fly spray (which doesn’t really stop them but does help) but today I had run out so no spray on and still no flies!”

Liz Tollarzo Itch Free

“This is an amazing product! This is my horse before and after using the D&H Itch Free herbal blend for 4 weeks.”


Suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

“We saw improvements just 10 days into using the Dodson & Horrell ‘Lami Free’ Herbal blend. The little grey pony could barely stand and each step was painful. We even had her feet padded and bandaged to make it easier for her. She now runs everywhere! It has given our beautiful ponies a new lease on life. I have recommended the product to many people, including one over east, who has also had amazing results”.

Firm Foot

To promote strong and healthy hooves.

Firm Foot Horse Herbs

Before and after shot of Rosie’s hooves after being on the Dodson & Horrell ‘Firm Foot’ herbal blend. Rosie is a warmblood mare who experienced dry, cracked hooves over summer. 8 weeks later, they are firming up nicely (see bottom photos).


To support muscles and joints in horses.

Mobility Dodson & Horrell horse herbs australia

“Thanks Joanne Wallace from Thompson & Redwood for putting us onto the Dobson & Horrell Mobility herbs. Our geriatric horses have super improved in their movement since using it. One of the boys is a 20yo OTT and and the other a 24yo warmblood ex show jumper who had really suffered from arthritis and stiff joints. Started with two scoops a day but can now reduce both to one scoop with great results. Would certainly recommend the product which not only smells great but is totally natural.” ~ Christina Norris

Stroppy Mare

A comforting herbal blend to help calm your hormonal mare.

Stroppy Mare Testimonial

“My mare Lace has been struggling with anxiety, which we believe derived from her hormones. It made showing or even just a trail ride extremely stressful for her and slowed down her progress immensely. I’ve found that Dodson & Horrell’s Stroppy Mare herbal mix has really improved her overall wellbeing and thankfully I now have a noticeably less anxious horse that seems far happier, even in stressful situations. At the recent Swan River CIC the difference in her demeanor, her attitude and her rideability was amazing and I finally got to have a decent warm up at a competition that didn’t stress her out too much. Thank you Dodson & Horrell for your product and Thompson and Redwood for supplying! Also thanks to my brilliant coaches Portland Jones and Sophie Warren for helping me find an easily sustainable solution for my horse’s health.”

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