Thompson and Redwood

The stockfeed and animal nutrition specialists

Thompson & Redwood (T&R) is a stockfeed manufacturer in Perth, centrally situated to Western Australia’s grain regions. Our Upper Swan stockfeed plant has been operating since 1985 and produces over 90 different product lines for the Australian and export animal industries. These include steam rolled grains, gristed and whole grains, mueslis and pelletised products, as well as an extensive range of birdseed mixes. With 30 staff, two grain storages in the Wheatbelt and three mills across WA, we’re able to yield over 50,000 tonnes of grain and seed each year.

A business built on farming and family

Owned and run by families with farming and agriculture backgrounds, T&R is driven by relationships – with the farmers who supply our grain and with the customers who buy our stockfeed. When you have staff who have been with the company since commencement and contracts that span decades you know you’re in business for the right reasons. The current owners are old friends and business partners who genuinely believe that giving back to the community is the best gauge of commercial success.

The health of your animals is our priority

We understand that the health and performance of your animals is your priority – it’s ours too. All T&R products are developed by qualified nutritionists to meet the dietary requirements of the equine, livestock and specialty animal industries. Over the years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with both commercial and domestic customers and our veterinary team to develop recipes formulated to industry specifications. We test all new products on our animals to feel confident yours will love them too. 

health natural fresh

Feed made to order – healthy, natural and fresh

Being based in Western Australia means we have access to one of the most reliable sources of quality, low-priced grain in the world. All the raw materials we use are grown to contract and tested prior to manufacturing to meet our strict standards. In addition, our orders are completely made to order, with nothing stockpiled on site to ensure freshness. This follows through to our weekly delivery schedule which ensures our stockists and consumers are often getting feed that was raw grain only days earlier. T&R products are renowned for their consistent quality and freshness, being preferred by the fussiest of consumers.

Technologically and quality controlled

Our manufacturing process has been developed to provide high quality, fresh and consistent products. Being dedicated to animal nutrition, we use technology as a means to both develop and monitor our product quality, with the end result being an excellent nutritional solution for your animal. Our manufacturing processes are compliant with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and FEEDSAFE quality assurance programs. We are also the only Australian company accredited with the BETA NOPS Code, demonstrating that we conform to best practice in minimising the risk of contamination by naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feeds.

Exported to 14 countries around the world

As well as selling our products nationally, we manufacture and ship to 14 countries across Asia and the Middle East. From royalty to the military to racing, our export clients trust T&R to deliver the same healthy, natural and fresh stockfeed that our Australian clients covet. An influential exporter within the global market, T&R supplies stockfeed to dairy, beef, equine, poultry, camel and goat farmers around the world.

Our Management Team

Stephen Lamond
Managing Director

Growing up within a family of scientist veterinarians meant that animal health was a part of Stephen Lamond’s life from the very beginning. Alongside his wife, Jane, Stephen ran farms in Lake Valley and Williams for many years before moving to Perth for their children’s schooling. While the property may be smaller now, animals are still a major part of Stephen’s life – his family farm is home to horses, cattle, dogs, cats and pigs.

Stephen built a career within the grain industry prior purchasing T&R with Henry Little and John Orr in 2003. Ask Stephen about his work achievements and he’ll tell you that developing T&R into a family oriented business where employees have a stable jobs with positions they can grow into, makes him proud. His focus for the next year is to keep looking at ways to improve T&R’s products, as well as developing new feeds.

Henry Little
Managing Director

Hailing from Esperance, Henry Little used to spend his school holidays working within the family’s grain cleaning and drying business. It was a kickstart into a life of station and farm work, including a stint as a jackaroo. Along with school friend, John Orr, Henry started Premium Grain Handlers in 1995 and later, another grain business with Stephen Lamond. It was from this background that an interest in utilising grain by-products through feed milling led to the purchase of T&R. 


Henry and his wife, Simone, both grew up in animal-loving families which fuels Henry’s desire for T&R to become the leading supplier of quality animal feeds Australia-wide. Henry is passionate about supporting local farmers and strengthening ties within the agricultural industry.

Ross Allomes
Operations & Production Manager

Following a 25 year career with multinational companies, Ross Allomes now oversees Operations and Production at T&R. He started his career as a chemist, before moving into Quality Assurance and Production management within the pet food industry, including long tenures at Nestle and Wesfeeds.


Ross has been an integral part of T&R for the past six years, and enjoys the challenges of maximising stockfeed production while ensuring the company is a safe and happy place for his large team to work within. An active member of the Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia, Ross also strives to improve and develop opportunities within the wider industry. 

Joanne Wallace
Sales & Marketing Manager

An animal lover from childhood, Joanne Wallace grew up near the beach in Perth but lived for her school holiday horse riding camps. After graduating from school, she worked her way up to South East Asia Sales Manager with a large national manufacturing company. But it was marrying a farmer and starting a family that consolidated Jo’s love for the farming life. Alongside her husband, she worked as a poultry farmer for 15 years, growing meat birds for Inghams. Her animal menagerie included horses, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. 


A move to the city saw Jo take up a part-time admin role with T&R. As sales focused as ever, Jo saw an opportunity to expand the sales and sponsorship side of the business – within two years, she was managing Sales and Marketing fulltime. Jo’s now been with T&R for nine years and has led the rebranding of the equine range, as well as managing marketing and social media campaigns for all animal feeds. She absolutely loves working within the industry alongside farming communities and is motivated by the loyalty of T&R customers. 

Will Lamond
Maintenance Supervisor

Will Lamond was always adopting animals as a child – luckily he lived on a farm to accommodate them all! After completing a carpentry apprenticeship, Will began working at T&R and is responsible for planning, scheduling and maintenance of all plant and machinery.


Will has spent many hours researching new technology used overseas which has resulted in major mill upgrades and expansions. He enjoys the designing and drawing aspect of the upgrades. Being part of a team that supports local farmers and communities is the most rewarding aspect of Will’s job.

Tony Dipietro

Having grown up on a dairy and beef farm in Victoria, Tony Dipietro knew he always wanted to work in agriculture. He started out in the pork industry 22 years ago as the Pig Production Manager for George Weston Foods. After moving to Perth four years ago, Tony took on the role of managing the grain cleaning facility, production lines and staff for T&R. 

Tony inspects and test all incoming grains with efficiency and enjoys the challenge and variety the position offers him. He likes working for T&R because it’s a family run business who give their workers opportunities.

Mark Myers
Senior Miller

Mark Myers ran a large grain cleaning mill for many years before moving to T&R. Starting out bagging feed, Mark has moved through all areas of the operation in his 16 year employment. He now manages the pelleting mill where he challenges himself to produce the best quality product in the most efficient way.

Mark admits he has stayed at T&R for so long because he works in a safe environment with supportive and caring bosses that he trusts will always do the right thing by him and his family. 

Our Nutritionist Team

Daniel Goussac
Director of Black Swan Nutrition

Daniel Goussac is the Director of Black Swan Nutrition, an animal nutrition consulting firm that consults to various feed mills and additive companies across both WA and Australia wide. He has been involved in the animal nutrition and feed industry for the last 34 years.


After graduating from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Animal Nutrition and Oceanography, Daniel worked for an Israeli vitamins-minerals supplier for ten years; three of which he was the chief nutritionist.


Since moving to Australia, he worked for twenty years as a nutritionist within a WA feed company, Wesfeeds. He specialised in poultry and pig feeds as well as making all types of feeds (Ruminants and Equine). He established Black Swan Nutrition in 2012.

Dr Brad Hampton
Equine Veterinary Surgeon

Brad Hampton is an Equine Veterinary Surgeon and partner in Advanced Feeds, a stockfeed vitamin and mineral supplier. Brad is one of the most respected nutritional veterinarians in WA; he was a foundation Veterinary Science graduate in 1979 and has spent a number of decades working in animal nutrition and physiology. He has a particular interest in equine, having spent a lot of time working on and managing racing and breeding properties.

Advanced Feeds was established nearly three decades ago, and now provides top quality supplements both locally and to an extensive export market. On top of blending premixes for sheep and cattle, Advanced Feeds also manufacture a high quality range of equine nutrition supplements. They are 100% WA owned and operated, with all the principles closely involved in the horse industry.

Adrian Baker
owner of RAW Animal Health

Adrian Baker is the owner of RAW Animal Health. He graduated as a veterinarian in 1980 and spent the next eight years in rural mixed practice, including two years working on projects in Oman and Saudi Arabia.

On his return from the Middle East, he spent seven years as company vet for Kuwait Livestock, the largest of the live sheep exporters. He subsequently moved to consulting, providing advice to feed millers and their customers. He has also recently returned to the live export trade, accompanying consignments of sheep and cattle to The Gulf.

Dr Kathy Klein
equine veterinary practitioner

*Please note there was an error in Kathy’s previous bio. This has been corrected.

For over 30 years, Dr Kathy Klein has operated WA’s first independent mobile equine veterinary practice, caring for a select group of race and performance horses in Western Australia.

A graduate of the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Kathy received her Bachelor of Animal Science in 1981 and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1985.  Kathy came to Australia as the inaugural overseas intern at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital (MUVH) in 1985, completing her internship/residency in Equine Medicine & Surgery there in 1990.  Adding to her clinical and teaching university responsibilities, Kathy provided her expertise to national and international equine air freight services, was a locum to multiple equine practices, and served as a regulatory veterinarian for the Western Australian Trotting Association.

Throughout her career, Kathy has pioneered the use of innovative technology & championed rehabilitation in Western Australia, often providing new diagnostics and treatments rarely offered by other WA practitioners. Kathy’s continued interaction with her international network of specialist colleagues in both veterinary and human medicine has provided her with direct access to developments in advanced diagnostics, technology and science that have influenced equine practice in WA.

Kathy persistently seeks cutting edge tools to aid in achieving more accurate diagnoses, treatments and improved veterinary outcomes. Kathy’s other contributions include appointments as consultants to racing and polo events in Australia, Southeast Asia and China; to Swan Valley Riding for the Disabled (in 2015 becoming its first-ever Life Member honouring 25 years of service to RDA); and as the ‘Category A’ (veterinary) member on the Animal Ethics Committee of the University of Western Australia from 2013-2017.

For 15 years, she has been a pivotal member (now Vice President) of the West Australian Horse Council (WAHC), with particular focus on its Welfare and Research portfolios.  This past year Kathy has represented WAHC on the West Australian Committee for Animal Welfare in Emergencies (CAWE/DPIRD), reviewing the Animal Welfare Act 2002 and preparing a submission for the Veterinary Practice Bill 2020. 

David Hussey
Dodson and Horrell

David has been involved with herbs for over thirty years, mainly for equines. With a qualification from the School of Phytotherapy, David is an expert in herbal medicine and lectures at Colleges throughout the United Kingdom.

All the recipes used in the Dodson and Horrell herbal blends are David’s recipes. He joined the team at Dodson and Horrell in 1991 and has since created 36 formulas, six of which are currently available in Australia through T&R. 

Jill Davies
Equine Nutritionist

Jill Davies is a qualified Equine Nutritionist who has been involved with horses all her life. Having managed and ridden for an international eventing yard in the UK she then completed her Bachelor in Equine Science from the University of Lincoln. Her honors thesis was on use of Nutraceuticals for gastric health in the competition horse.

Jill taught Equine Nutrition & Equine Exercise Physiology at Curtin University for over seven years and is currently a sessional lecturer for Murdoch University. Jill operates her own independent equine nutrition business, Feed Your Steed, operating out of the Lower South West of WA.  


Sponsorship is one of the ways that T&R is able to support the farming, equestrian and animal industries that support us. Each year, T&R sponsors a number of poultry, sheep, cattle, alpaca, rabbit and guinea pig clubs and events. 

We’re also extremely proud to take an active role to assist and encourage horse riders and grassroots equestrian events throughout Australia. 

You can apply for sponsorship for your club or event by emailing a proposal to Sales & Marketing Manager:  Joanne Wallace.  Invitations to become a sponsored rider will open late in 2021.


Meet our Sponsorship Team for 2023

Sophie Warren

Sophie is a professional event rider, horse trainer and coach. She has had many successes at the highest level in eventing and has been in the top ten placings at all of Australia’s major competitions.

Sophie represented Australia as a young rider, was Western Australian Young Rider of the Year and her horse, Let’s Impress, was Western Australian Horse of the Year. She has also ridden at FEI level in dressage and two of her rides have won Western Australian Dressage Horse of the Year. Sophie has ridden professionally and trained in Europe.

“My feed of choice for all my eventers is T&R’s Claytons pellets. Horses need a lot less protein, carbs, sugar and ‘fancy foods’ than you would expect, and the Claytons pellets are a great choice when looking for a feed that is low starch, high fibre, and non-grain based. Not only is it great for their digestive system, but it keeps them looking and feeling well, too! Plus, they’re locally produced by ingredients that are locally sourced, and I think spreading the love locally is really important.”

Jodi Dunlop
Polocrosse, ASH

Jodi is an accomplished Polocrosse player, and is heavily involved in the sport, as well as the Australian Stock Horse community. 

Jodi has played for Western Australia and Australia, and has an exciting team of horses ready for the season.  

Jodi feeds Might N Power Oat Free Muesli and Horse Muesli:

“After changing the horse’s diets from basic grains to the T&R products I immediately noticed an increase in their energy levels as well as improvements in their coats, overall appearance and disposition and they never leave a scrap in the feed bin! T&R make everything simple and easy to use with plenty of information available on all products which takes out the guess work. Having a ‘complete’ feed is also very handy when I travel as I can just use the one product and not have to load the truck with various bags and containers or spend hour’s individually mixing feeds.

I can whole heartedly say the Muesli’s are a major factor in my horse’s preparation, performance and continued success. The mixes are extremely palatable, easy to use and more importantly they provide everything my horses need in order to compete at the highest level.”

Lucy Galovicova,
David Dobson &
Izabelle Dobson
Showjumping, Breeding

Kentaur Australia Performance Horses is a performance horse stud that is part of the overall Kentaur Australia business.  The performance horse stud aims to breed, produce and sell horses for national and international markets, with a primary focus in show jumping. They also offer premium horse training and sales services. 

Owner and Director of Kentaur Australia, Lucy Galovicova, along with partner and top showjumping rider David Dobson and his daughter Izabelle feed Thompson and Redwood products to their competition team and stud.

 “Our horses have been fed Thompson and Redwood feed for over 6 years. As a boutique performance Warmblood stud, I have sold over 20 horses in the past 4 years. Most of these have been vetted and x-rayed at purchase. Warmbloods are susceptible to various diseases that can be contributed to by incorrect feeding, and I am proud to say that, to this date, none of the horses I have sold have had issues. They all went on to become performance horses that are fit for purpose, and all were fuelled by T&R.

In particular, we feed the Claytons Pellets, Grower & Weaner Pellets (for the young horses and mares) and the Horse Muesli for our showjumping horses.”

Bayley Thomas competing
Bayley Thomas
Dressage, Showing, OTT

Bayley Thomas is a horse trainer, coach and specialist in Off the Track (OTT) retraining and rehoming. She is an official Off the Track WA retrainer. Her work with OTT horses, both Standardbreds and Thoroughbreds, is outstanding, working hard to give them a solid, balanced foundation in their life after racing, as well as providing their new owners with ongoing coaching and support.  In 2019 alone, she rehomed 32 horses. 


Based in Roleystone, Bayley also competes successfully in Showing and Dressage with her team of Warmbloods and Friesian Warmbloods. 


“I feed T&R Claytons Pellets to my show horses and ponies. The Off the Track horses are fed T&R Horse Cubes Senior Formula. The pre and probiotics in this fabulous feed are so good for their gut health coming off the track and into their new environments. I see very quick positive results in their condition. 


My young horses are fed T&R Grower and Weaner Pellets. I have been feeding these for as long as I can remember,  and all my babies have grown into healthy, strong horses.”

Sponsorship Team Member Reece Jerrett
Reece Jerrett

Reece Jerrett is a talented, young Poultry breeder from Mardella, Western Australia. In addition to a career in Environmental Science, Reece runs the successful Echovald Poultry Stud breeding soft feather, hard feather and waterfowl breeds like Wyandottes, Leghorns and Frizzles. 

Reece successfully shows his birds and is heavily involved in the poultry community. He is a qualified poultry judge both in WA and Nationally. He is the current WA Rural Ambassador and will be travelling to shows around WA and interstate throughout 2023. 

I feed T&R poultry mix and layer pellets because my birds enjoy the feed, they look good on the feed and it’s affordable/not overpriced. It’s also important to me to support a West Australian company that always tries to source the best Australian ingredients for their feed.” 

Mike Dagostino
Eventing, Showjumping

Mike is heavily involved in the equestrian industry, not only as a successful competitor, but as an event organiser and through the running of his riding school and training centre. He is an official Off the Track WA Retrainer, and has recently acquired Centura Riding School which will become part of the Showgrounds community. 

Mike has a great team of up and coming horses in his stable this year in addition to some talented young stock starting their equestrian journey. 

“I’m proud to use the T&R Feeds and support a local Western Australian company, who are so involved in and give so much back to our sport. We have such a wide range of horses, from ponies to school horses, show hacks and our elite performance team of eventers, and T&R has products that provide them all with the nutrition they need. The Lupin Fibre Cubes in particular have made a huge difference to our riding school team.”

Chloe Gee & 'Tia' Clear a Cross Country Fence
Chloe Gee
Eventing, Showjumping

Chloe Gee is a talented young Eventing rider, who has already achieved some great results, including competing and placing at Melbourne International 3DE. Chloe and her Andalusian Riding Pony x Tia have gone from 45cm to 1* Eventing, 1.15 showjumping and Elementary Dressage. 

Chloe also has an Off the Track Thoroughbred gelding, “Barz Open”, who she is working towards 2* on, and a young gelding ‘Wish’, who will be getting out and about more in 2023. 

“My mum has always fed T&R feed and so have I. My horses performances are a credit to T&R’s feed. Tia is on T&R’s Claytons Pellets as she doesn’t need a whole lot of added energy, and they’re really great for maintaining her weight!

Barz Open is on the Horse Cubes for Seniors and started on the Lupin Fibre Cubes. I’ve never seen him looking so good. He’s retaining weight better, he’s looking more comfortable when he’s working and jumping, and I feel like I have an all round happier horse; which I think is the main goal for all of us.” 

Maddie Cooke Winner Fashions on the Field
Madeleine Cooke
Junior Ambassador - Show Horse & Dressage

Our ambassador Madeleine Cooke is from Whitehill Farm in Cardup, and has been riding since she was 6 years old. Maddie has a great team of ponies that she competes in Show Horse events across the country.  


Both of Maddie’s parents are experienced horse people with a very in-depth knowledge of horse nutrition. 



“My ponies are required to have strong top line and
muscle mass while still remaining controllable for a person as small as myself.
With that information we use a mixed balanced feed ration of  Thompson and Redwood Claytons Pellets and Thompson
and Redwood Pony Maintenance Pellets. I feel its important and I’m proud to support  a Western Australian company that I trust the quality of feed they use.”


Leeara Park:
Caris & Britt Reside

Caris and Britt Reside are successful show horse riders and trainers and run Leeara Park, a boutique stud in the Swan Valley. 

This team of sisters have competed successfully all across Western Australia as well as at a National level, breeding, training and riding a team of horses and ponies. Not only have they won or placed in almost every show horse competition throughout the country (including Champion National Large Hack of the Year at the National Championships), but they are dedicated to their horses’ health and happiness.

“Here at Leeara Park, our horses have always come first – their health, their diet and their care has and always will be second to none. We have a firm belief that our horse’s health and care is more important than any ribbon or garland.

We ensure that any horse in our care is fed the very best products; that being T&R! We have some amazing examples of “before” and “after” shots of horses showing the substantial positive change in condition when being fed T&R products.” 

Tahlia Baxter
Goat ambassador

Tahlia Baxter runs Diego Valley Miniature Goat stud, breeding Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature Nubian goats. She bought her first goat ‘Diego’ in 2016, and has now grown her stud considerably, and participates in field days and exhibiting her goats at agricultural shows. 


Tahlia has been feeding Thompson & Redwood Products for over 5 years and uses Goat Muesli and Goat Pellets for her stud. 

“All my goats are in fantastic condition, birth well and the kids are strong and healthy. They all have a great shine to their coats! And the goats love it!”

Tahlia is also a successful showjumping rider, competing at a high level with her T&R fuelled horses. 

Doddy Goile
Carriage Driving ambassador

Doddy is a passionate horsewoman, who has made the transition from riding to driving. Doddy not only competes in driving events, but puts in behind the scenes for clubs and inspires people to give driving a go.

Doddy competes in Carriage Driving Combined Driving Events. With her pair of horses, she’s working towards competing at the National CDE on the east coast. 

“I feed T&R Claytons Pellets and Lupin Fibre Cubes. It just keeps them in a very nice condition without putting extra unwanted weight gain and it does not heat him up. Gives them shiny coats, easy to find at my stock feeder, good price, and the ponies love to eat them!” 

Aja Tito
JUNIOR AMBASSADOR - Rodeo, Barrels & Gymkhana

Aja is a passionate young rider from Karratha in far Northern Western Australia. She is starting her competition career in rodeo, barrels and gymkhana events, and loves spending time with her horses, trail rides and beach rides. 

Aja’s goal for 2023 is to improve her riding and barrel racing and start learning how to rope. 

“My horse ‘Devilscreek Wynette’ is a 7 year old Reg. Australian Stock Horse Taffy Mare. She is really good at Barrel Racing and Mounted Games, she also does breakaway roping and loves to swim at the beach!

I feed Wynette Claytons Pellets and Lucerne Chaff, when we travel a lot and she is doing multi events we introduce Hi Performance Muesli as well.”

Halle Dell'Agostino
JUNIOR AMBASSADOR - Campdrafting, ASHA Shows, Challenges

Halle is an up-and-coming young campdraft rider from Southwestern WA. Having tried a number of other disciplines, she’s found her passion in drafting and Stock Horse events, and takes pride in developing her horsemanship with her two Australian Stock Horses. 


Halle’s goal for 2023 is to build on her riding skills with her two horses for a fun filled campdraft/stock horse season, and to be competitive at the 2023 WA ASHS State champs.


Halle feeds Claytons Pellets and Might & Power Oat Free Muesli. 

Noah Woodyer
JUNIOR AMBASSADOR - Eventing, Showjumping & dressage

Noah is a hard-working young rider from Perth with a passion for eventing. He loves the three phases and works hard competing in and training for each one. Noah has 2 horses he’ll be working with this year, his pony Judaroo Love Bug aka Herbie and a new ride on Akina Edahn, a 16.2hh Warmblood x Thoroughbred.

“This year I am concentrating on transitioning from a small pony to a big horse. I hope to move up the grades in eventing and would like to reach 95cm by the end of the year.

I am however bringing Edahn back into work after a few years off so we will be taking our time and moving up only when he is ready. Alongside Edahn, I will also be riding Herbie at many events throughout the year including Pony Dressage, eventing and showjumping.”


“Edahn and Herbie are both fed T&R Grain free Claytons pellets and Lupin Fibre cubes. It makes their coat super shiny and the fibre cubes add additional water to help keep them hydrated in the summer months. Luna has T&R Grower and Weaner pellets. I also have ducks, geese and a rabbit named Mikey who all enjoy T&R Feeds.”


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