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Excellence in stock feed since 1985

Thompson and Redwood Western Australia

Thompson & Redwood are a Western Australian based stock feed manufacturer. We have been providing quality stock feed since 1985, and now sell our products throughout Australia as well as export into more than 10 countries across Asia and the Middle East. We are also contract manufacturers of bird seed products.

Our factory in Upper Swan, Perth processes 30,000 tonnes of grain and seed every year, creating over 90 different product lines. These include steam rolled grains, gristed and whole grains, muesli’s and pelletised products, as well as an extensive range of birdseed mixes.

All products have been developed by qualified nutritionists and manufactured using computer controlled manufacturing processes. Being based in Western Australia means we have access to one of the most reliable sources of quality and low priced grain in the world.

Thompson & Redwood products are known for their consistent quality and freshness. We manufacture using recipes that don’t change; while many of our competitors change their mixes depending on grain prices and availability, ours stay the same. This is why Thompson & Redwood products are preferred by the fussiest consumers – including racehorses and wild birds!

Should you require further information about our products or where you can purchase them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Western Australia Fresh Produce Thompson and Redwood

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