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Lupin Fibre Boost is a complete, grain-free fibre mash that is low in sugar and starch and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Suitable for all horses and ponies, especially those prone to laminitis, metabolic conditions and ulcers. 

Product benefits

  • Highly palatable and digestible fibre-based mash that provides cool, slow-release energy for horses across all disciplines and workloads.

  • Fortified with a premium vitamin & mineral mix to promote optimum health and wellness.

  • A complete feed designed to meet or exceed the NRC 'Nutritional Requirements for Horses' when fed at the recommended rate

  • Low sugar and starch feed (NSC 4.21%) that is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis, ulcers, EMS, PPID and other metabolic conditions

  • Natural source of high-quality proteins and essential amino acids, including lysine and methionine to support health, topline building and recovery

  • High in natural super fibres and with added pre and probiotics to increase beneficial bacteria in the hindgut and promote gut health and function

  • Soaks into a delicious mash that aids hydration, and is suitable for horses with poor dentition or prone to choke

  • Made from 100% Western Australian grown Lupins to support our local farming communities

Feeding guide

Lupin fibre BOOST must be soaked prior to feeding
Lupin Fibre Cubes Soaking Guide

Add 1-part dry T&R Lupin Fibre Boost to a minimum of 2-parts water by dry weight and soak to the desired consistency. Always measure the dry weight of your Cubes prior to soaking. 


To aid hydration, increase the amount of water added to dry Cubes for a sloppier consistency. We recommend feeding Lupin Fibre Boost soaked for horses that suffer from choke.

Lupin Fibre Boost can be soaked in advance. Store in the fridge, and feed within 24 hours of soaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lupin Fibre Boost is a complete feed, with added vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pre and probiotics. They can be fed on their own or used as a base to top up with concentrates or grains. 

Lupin Fibre Cubes are a fibre supplement, with no additives. They can be used as a base for concentrates or mueslis and allow you to add your own vitamins and minerals to. 

Lupin hulls are the fibrous outer shell of the lupin that can be separated from the seed during processing. They are very high in digestible fibre and pectins, and low in starch and sugar. Most of the crude protein in lupins is held in the seed, not the hull. Read more about the difference between lupins and lupin hulls here. 

Whole lupins are very high in crude protein, at around 30%. Most of this protein is stored in the seed or cotyledon, not in the hull. Lupin hulls are much lower in protein to help avoid protein overload in the diet. Our Lupin Fibre Boost contains 13% protein, under half that of whole lupins. Lupin hulls still contain quality amino acids though that are essential for function and health. 

Yes! Lupin hulls are high in digestible fibre which is considered to be an optimal energy source for many horses and ponies as their digestive systems have evolved over thousands of years to ferment plant fibres.  

The fibre in lupin hulls provides sustained slow release energy as it gets fermented by gut bacteria into Volatile Fatty Acids. The fermentation of fibre in the gut also produces really important vitamins including Vitamin B1, Vitamin K and biotin which are part of a their essential daily nutrient requirements. Read more about the nutritional value of Lupin Hulls here. 

Lupin hulls contain high levels of natural pectins which act as a prebiotic. Prebiotics feed the healthy bacteria in the gut and boost their population. These gut bacteria are vital for fibre fermentation and utilisation in the diet. 

When there is more healthy, fibre-loving bacteria your horse’s gut is able to digest fibre more efficiently – meaning they get more out of each mouthful of grass, hay and feed that goes in!

Lupin Fibre Cubes are low in starches and sugars (low in NSC – non-structural carbohydrates.) 

Non-structural carbohydrates cause huge spikes in glucose and insulin when digested that can be detrimental to horses with these conditions. Because Lupin Fibre Boost is only 4.21% NSC and 0.2% starch which puts them in the safe range for these horses and ponies.  

Lupin Fibre Cubes expand when they get wet, so they should be soaked prior to feeding to avoid expansion in the stomach.  

Feeding Rates

  • Kilograms per day for horses. Rates are a GUIDE ONLY.
  • Adjust according to horse’s size, condition, workload, quality of available hay/pasture. Feed in conjunction with high quality roughage/other feedstuffs. 
  • Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.
  • Always introduce a new feed to your horse’s diet slowly over a period of 14-21 days to avoid digestive upsets.
  •  NOTE: Lupin intake should not exceed 2kg/day for a 500kg horse

Nutritional Analysis : Guaranteed Minimums (as fed)

Key nutrients
  • Crude Protein (%)13
  • Crude Fibre (%)33.3
  • Fat (%)2.8
  • Digestible Energy (MJ/kg)8.8
  • Lysine (g/kg)7.1
  • Methionine (g/kg)4.2
  • Threonine (g/g)1.5
  • NSC (Non-Structural Carbohydrates) (%)4.21
  • WSC (Water Soluble Carbohydrates) (%)4.01
  • ESC (%)3.97
  • Starch (%)0.2
  • Prebiotic (mg/kg)400
  • Probiotic (mg/kg)2000
  • Calcium (g/kg)11.1
  • Phosphorus (g/kg)7
  • Magnesium (g/kg)7.7
  • Potassium (g/kg)5.5
  • Sodium (g/kg)0.07
  • Chloride (g/kg)0.06
  • Iron (mg/kg)106
  • Zinc (mg/kg)212
  • Copper (mg/kg)72
  • Manganese (mg/kg)115
  • Iodine (mg/kg)1.6
  • Selenium (mg/kg)0.8
  • Chromium (mg/kg)1
  • Cobalt (mg/kg)0.4
  • Vitamin A (IU/kg)15316
  • Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)1502
  • Vitamin E (IU/kg)366
  • Vitamin K (mg/kg)5
  • B1 Thiamine (mg/kg)11
  • B2 Riboflavin (mg/kg)15
  • B3 Niacin (mg/kg)68
  • B5 Pantothenic Acid (mg/kg)20
  • B6 Pyridoxine (mg/kg)8.6
  • B7 Biotin (mg/kg)0.3
  • B9 Folic Acid (mg/kg)5
  • Vitamin B12(μg/kg)40
  • Vitamin C (mg/kg)500


Store in a dry, cool and clean place. When stored under correct conditions best before 12 months from packing date.

Typical Ingredients

  • Lupin Hulls
  • Traces of Lupin Kernels
  • Canola Meal
  • Vitamin & Mineral Premix
  • Dicalcium
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Pre & Probiotics



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