Is your horse out for a spell for a much needed break, to support the growing process, or to help aid weight gain?

Supplementary feeding while your horse is having a “holiday” will assist your spelling goals. These feeds from the T&R range are scientifically formulated to support your spelling horse to meet vitamin and mineral requirements while refreshing the mind and body.

Spelling Feeds

clayton pellets

A highly digestible fibre pellet that is gentle on the stomach.

Pony cubes

A highly palatable nutritious ration that contains all the essential daily nutrients to maintain health.

horse cubes

A moderately high energy feed that supports activities such as polo and campdrafting.

pony maintenance cubes

This nutritionally balanced complete feed is formulated to maintain body condition for horses and ponies at rest.

Suggested Herbal Blends


Herbal support for a healthy coat and skin.

Firm Foot

A dried herbal blend to promote strong and healthy hooves, ideal for barefoot horses or those with poor hoof quality.


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