ProTect S

PROagni® proTECT S

ProTect S is a feed supplement in a crumble form that provides effective buffering against lactic acidosis and optimises feed efficiency. ProTect S combines the rumen buffer Acid Buf with a vitamin and mineral supplement, and is designed to be fed with cereal grain rations to improve animal health and performance.


ProTect S is appropriate for use in feedlots and drought lots, supplementary feeding or weaning. It is easy to use, just mix the pellet into your grain ration ensuring even distribution throughout.  

Why use protect S
  • Provides buffering against lactic acidosis through effective rumen pH control
  • Optimises animal growth with higher beneficial VFA (volatile fatty acid) production
  • Increased feed efficiency by optimum rumen fermentation
  • Potential to reduce induction times
  • Reduces methane
  • Meets increasing demand for antibiotic free meat

Collectively, these benefits may deliver better utilisation of feed, improved productivity and increase profits for producers. 

Antibiotic and ionophore free

ProTect S is free from antibiotics, ionophores and urea. It is also free from hormones, lasolacid and monensin. 

ADDED vitamins & minerals

Contains Optiwise™ a patent pending additive of organic and inorganic bio-available minerals, trace elements (Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Selenium & Zinc), vitamins (A, D and E) probiotics, bioactive and antioxidants

How to use protect S

Mix the crumble into the grain ensuring even distribution throughout the ration. For best results use a mixer feed wagon.

Alternatively, add the prescribed concentration while auguring grain, taking care to achieve accurate grain flow rates.


  • Crude Protein (%)8.0
  • M.E. (MJ/Kg)5.75
  • Calcium(%)7.05
  • Phosphorus total (%) 0.52
  • Sodium(%) 1.1
  • Potassium(%) 0.7
  • Magnesium(%) 1.28
  • Sulfur (%) 2.2
  • Vitamin D3 (kiu/kg)18
  • Vitamin A (kiu/kg)150
  • Vitamin E (mg/kg)6000
Micro Minerals
  • Manganese (mg/kg)665
  • Iron (mg/kg)160
  • Copper (mg/kg)7
  • Zinc (mg/kg)1200
  • Selenium (mg/kg)1.2
  • Cobalt (mg/kg)15
  • Iodine (mg/kg)15

Feeding Guide

Include ProTect S prior to the commencement of any feeding program. Sudden introduction may evoke some sorting behaviour, generally this is overcome with time.

Before introducing grain to your livestock, we recommend that you speak to your animal nutritionist and create an induction plan for performance. Click the link below to download your cattle induction plan and weaning induction plan.

Download sheep induction, feeding and weaning induction plan


Antibiotic and Ionophore free

Nil witholding period

Nil export slaughter interval

This product does not contain Urea 

This product does not contain Restricted Animal Material


ProAgni Feed should only be feed to the animal that the product has been specifically formulated for.

Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animal.

STORAGE – Store all bags or bulk deliveries off the ground in a dry place out of direct sunlight and away from possible pests and insects.
Store at below 30C.

This product does not contain restricted animal material.


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