Special Care

Some horses and ponies need specially tailored nutrition to keep them happy and healthy.

T&R Equine have developed feeds for those horses and ponies that may have special dietary requirements due to conditions like laminitis, gastric ulcers, poor dentition, EMS, PPID and other metabolic conditions. 

Special care Feeds

lupin fibre cubes

A highly nutritious, non-heating super fibre cube that is low in starch and sugars. Suitable for all horses & ponies, and ideal for those prone to laminitis, ulcers, EMS, PPID and other metabolic conditions.

horse cubes for Seniors

A highly digestible and conditioning complete feed with added pre/probiotics for gut health. Ideal for senior horses or those with poor dentition and can be fed as a mash.

Lupin Fibre Boost

A complete, grain-free fibre mash feed enriched with vitamins and minerals and safe for horses or ponies with laminitis, EMS, PPID and metabolic conditions.

Flaked Lupins

Flaked Lupins can be a great addition to your complete feed for cool energy or conditioning. Can also be fed to horses or ponies that are laminitis prone.

Suggested Herbal Blends


Natural support for horses and ponies with or prone to laminitis.


A natural supplement to support muscle and joint function.


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