For those of us who enjoy our horses for pleasure, feeding can seem like a challenge.

There is a balance between ensuring your horse has a balanced diet and also remains calm and safe to ride. Thankfully, T&R produce a range of feeds that provide leisure horses with the nutrients and vitamins needed to be your perfect riding partner for years to come. Here’s our selection of leisure feeds.

Leisure Feeds

Clayton Pellets

A highly digestible fibre pellet that is gentle on the stomach.

pony cubes

A highly palatable nutritious ration that contains all the essential daily nutrients to maintain health.

Lupin Fibre Cubes

Our low sugar and starch fibre supplement made from 100% lupin hulls. Laminitis, EMS, PPID, Metabolic and Ulcer Friendly.

Pony maintenance cubes

This nutritionally balanced complete feed is formulated to maintain body condition for horses and ponies at rest.

Horse Muesli

A highly digestible mix of grains plus vitamins and minerals to support exercise at all levels of intensity.

Suggested Herbal Blends


Ideal for horses and ponies prone to excitability or stress.

Stroppy mare

Stroppy Mare is a comforting herbal blend to help calm your hormonal mare.


Herbal support for a healthy coat and skin.


Suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

Firm Foot

Ideal for barefoot horses or those with poor hoof quality.


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