Broiler Feeds

From day 1 to finish

Our range of broiler feeds have been developed with our poultry nutritionist to support optimum growth, development and gains at each stage of development. The nutrient dense formulas contain only quality ingredients with no nutritionally poor fillers to improve feed conversion efficiency and allow birds to reach their genetic potential.


We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality poultry feeds, so your birds are healthy, happy and strong.

All T&R products are developed by qualified nutritionists to meet the dietary requirements of  poultry, from backyard chickens and laying hens, to show birds, poultry breeders and commercial enterprises. 

Our feeds not only promote optimum health and vitality, but can support improved egg production and quality in layers and optimum development and weight gain in broilers.

our products are:

  • All natural ingredients that are GMO and Antibiotic Free. Minimal processing ensures that the ingredients keep their natural goodness and taste.

  • All feeds are fortified with a superior quality vitamin and mineral premix and macro mineral sources to ensure good animal health and maximum flock and egg production.

  • Made using fresh, natural ingredients sourced from local farming communities and manufactured in Australia.


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