Chicken and poultry Feeds

for every stage of their life

We know that the health and performance of your chickens is your priority – it’s ours too. That’s why we offer a range of chicken and poultry feeds to suit the requirements of your flock at every stage of their life.

We stock our full range of 20kg poultry products in Western Australia and now stock an exclusive 5kg and 15kg range in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Exclusive east coast range - 5kg & 15kg

We’re proud to introduce our east coast poultry feed range which is stocked exclusively through PETstock Stores in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Featuring a selection of our quality chicken and poultry feeds, available in 15kg bags, and our Chick Starter & Grower and Poultry Mix also available in a 5kg size. 

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We pride ourselves on manufacturing quality poultry feeds, so your chickens and poultry are healthy, happy and strong.

All T&R products are developed by qualified nutritionists to meet the dietary requirements of  poultry, from backyard chickens and laying hens, to show birds, poultry breeders and commercial enterprises. 

Our feeds not only promote optimum health and vitality in chickens and poultry, but can help improve egg production and quality in layers.

our products are:

  • All natural ingredients that are GMO and Antibiotic Free. Minimal processing ensures that the ingredients keep their natural goodness and taste.

  • All feeds are fortified with a superior quality vitamin and mineral premix and macro mineral sources to ensure good animal health and maximum flock and egg production.

  • Made using fresh, natural ingredients sourced from local farming communities and manufactured in Australia.

Want to learn more about poultry?

We have a range of posts and educational articles about chickens and poultry on our blog. And if there’s something we don’t cover, just ask us! We’re happy to help. 


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