POSTBIOTICS Now Included in T&R Poultry Feeds

POSTBIOTICS Now Included in T&R Poultry Feeds

We are excited to announce that our poultry feeds now include Diamond V® XPC Ultra postbiotic. Diamond V® XPC Ultra is added to poultry diets to maintain immune strength and promote digestive health in birds. Extensive research has shown that it aids in improving innate immunity, adaptive immunity, gut integrity and microbial diversity. A healthier bird is a more productive bird! It is produced naturally through a fermentation process, which is in line with our commitment to producing healthy, natural and fresh feeds. 

This addition to our feeds will help to give poultry an additional health boost and keep them looking, feeling and producing at their best. 

What is Diamond V® XPC Ultra?

Diamond V® XPC Ultra is a Postbiotic. Postbiotics are “a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confer health benefits to the host” (as per the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP)). 

A postbiotic delivers the beneficial components or metabolites produced by microorganisms directly to the bird’s gut where they can be used to support health and overall wellbeing. 

Diamond V® is produced naturally during a highly controlled fermentation process. All of the metabolites that are produced during the fermentation and the cells used are in the Diamond V® postbiotic, nothing is filtered out or isolated. Diamond V® postbiotics have been researched in hundreds of animal studies and results documented in peer-reviewed publications or proprietary study reports. Coupled with multiple human clinical trials, these research studies demonstrate Diamond V postbiotics support immune and gut health. (Diamond V, 2021). 

What is the difference between a prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic?

There is a lot of discussion around Prebiotics and Probiotics now, not only for human health but for our animal health too. But the terminology can be confusing. So what is a prebiotic, a probiotic and a postbiotic, and how can the addition of a postbiotic provide more definitive health benefits to your bird?

It all comes down to gut health and function.  A bird’s digestive system, just like a human’s, is home to billions of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms and bacteria. These play a key role in how food is digested, the health of the gut and as a result the immune and overall health of the bird. 

What is a prebiotic? – The fuel

Prebiotics are the fuels used by beneficial microorganisms in the gut. Prebiotics are often a fibre substrate that is found in the cell wall of a plant which can be used by the beneficial microorganisms in the gut as fuel. 

What is a probiotic? – The factory

Probiotics are the live beneficial microorganisms (bacteria) that use the prebiotics (fuel) to make metabolites. A probiotic works a bit like a miniature ‘factory’ which takes in the prebiotics and turns it into ‘the goods’ known as metabolites. 

What is a Postbiotic? – The goods

Postbiotics are the beneficial molecules or metabolites that have been produced through natural fermentation outside the body, which when consumed deliver ‘the goods’ and their associated health benefits directly to the stomach for use by the animal. 

Dual Action Supplement

Diamond V® XPC Ultra is added to poultry diets to maintain immune strength and promote digestive health in birds. Extensive research has shown that it aids in supporting innate immunity, adaptive immunity, gut integrity and microbial diversity. A healthier bird is a happier and more productive bird. 

Maintaining Immune Strength

The immune system is a collection of structures, molecules, cells and tissues that form an organism’s protection against disease. It can be divided into two categories, Innate and Adaptive Immunity.

Innate immunity is the general or non-specific protection and is active in their external barriers like the skin and mucous membranes (like those throughout the digestive system). A stronger gut barrier helps to defend the body against pathogens. 

Adaptive immunity develops over time as the adaptive immune systems produces more immune cells like antibodies. It is usually as a result of exposure to pathogens or vaccination. 

Promoting Digestive Health

Gut Integrity: A well-functioning immune system depends on a healthy gastrointestinal tract. The intestinal wall and its mucous membrane are the first line of defence against pathogens, illness and infection. Antibodies are found in the intestinal mucosa and the number present are an indication of intestinal health. A healthy gut lining also improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Microbial Diversity: A high population of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system is generally associated with improved health outcomes. The beneficial bacteria support digestive structure and function which is key for nutrient absorption. Promoting the growth and function of more healthy bacteria also helps to control negative microbes or opportunistic pathogens. 

To view the research see the references below:

Produced Naturally

Diamond V® XPC Ultra is produced through a natural fermentation process. Supplied by Diamond V®, the formula is mixed into our poultry feeds at the recommended rate and is suitable for daily feeding. 

Backed by trials and research

Diamond V® are world leaders in fermentation and postbiotic technology. Their postbiotics have been researched in hundreds of animal studies with results documented in peer-reviewed publications. There are also a number of clinical human trials that support the use of postbiotics for immune and gut health. The use of postbiotics and Diamond V® XPC Ultra is widespread in commercial poultry production worldwide. 


What does this mean for your birds?

Our aim here at Thompson & Redwood is to produce high quality poultry feeds that give your birds the nutrients they need for optimum health, function and productivity.

Our feeds contain premium ingredients and specialised vitamin & mineral premixes, and the addition of a postbiotic complements and boosts the support that our feeds provide. 

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