Having given you many years of pleasure, your older horse requires careful nourishment to stay as healthy as possible in his senior years.

You may find aged horses need extra help to keep weight and muscle on, especially following retirement from work. The following T&R feeds will aid digestion and support nutrient absorption in your senior horse.

senior Feeds

horse cubes

A digestible and conditioning complete feed with pro/prebiotics and antioxidants for senior horses.

lupin fibre cubes

A high fibre, low sugar and starch quick-soaking cube ideal for horses and ponies with laminitis, metabolic conditions or ulcers.

pony cubes

A highly palatable nutritious ration that contains all the essential daily nutrients to maintain health.

Oat FREE muesli

All grains are slow cooked and steam rolled to improve nutrient digestion by senior horses.

Suggested Herbal Blends

Firm Foot

Ideal for barefoot horses or those with poor hoof quality.


A blend of herbs to support muscles and joints in horses.


Herbal support for a healthy coat and skin.


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