Hi Performance Muesli


A sweet mix of steam rolled grains that will maximise performance potential at elite levels. Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and minerals including essential amino acids and added biotin for improved hoof quality.


  • Highly digestible energy and protein sources to support exercise at the highest level of intensity

  • Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and mineral premix

  • Formulated to meet or exceed the NRC ‘Nutritional Requirements of Horses’ when fed as directed

  • Uses quality Western Australian produce, supporting our local farming communities

  • Manufactured in WA

Testimonials for Hi-Performance Muesli

Our family enjoy feeding T&R Hi-Performance Muesli as we find it provides our Rodeo horses all the nutrients and energy to perform, speed and agility in our chosen timed events (Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Steer Wrestling and Undecorating). Being based in the Pilbara we travel long distances to compete and the Hi-Performance Muesli helps with their energy levels, feeling and performing at their best – which is very important to us!
Aja Tito & Mum Tui Magner
Tui Magner Coaching & Horsemanship
"My 8yo warmblood is doing really well with the addition of the T&R High Performance Muesli to his diet. I’ve found his energy levels have improved, he finishes his feed, and his coat is glowing. Thanks Thompson and Redwood great products, the Lupin Fibre Cubes are also part of his ration."
Pauline Guinness
GP Zuma

Nutritional Analysis : Guaranteed Minimums (As fed)

  • Crude Protein (%) 16.1
  • Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 15.0
  • Calcium (g/kg) 6.8
  • Phosphorous (g/kg) 4.1
  • Lysine (%) 0.73
  • Methionine (%) 0.31
  • Threonine (%) 0.49
  • Crude Fat (%) 4.4
  • Linoleic Acid (%) 0.88
  • Crude Fibre (%) 11.7
  • Salt (%) 1.0
  • Sodium (g/kg) 5.0
  • Chloride (g/kg) 7.6
  • Potassium (g/kg) 6.4
  • Vitamin A (IU/kg) 4080
  • Vitamin D (IU/kg) 360
  • Vitamin E (mg/kg)120
  • Vitamin B1 (mg/kg)13.7
  • Vitamin B2 (mg/kg)5.1
  • Vitamin B5 (mg/kg)23.0
  • Vitamin B6 (mg/kg)11.0
  • Niacin (mg/kg)39.0
  • Folic Acid (mg/kg)2.0
  • Biotin (mg/kg)0.11
  • Cobalt (mg/kg)0.21
  • Copper (mg/kg)24.0
  • Iodine (mg/kg)0.41
  • Iron (mg/kg)139.0
  • Magnesium (g/kg)4.1
  • Manganese (mg/kg)132.0
  • Selenium (mg/kg)0.45
  • Zinc (mg/kg)                                                         83.0


Store in a dry, cool and clean place. When stored under correct conditions best before 12 months from packing date.

Typical Ingredients

  • Flaked BarleyFlaked Lupins
  • Flaked Faba BeansBlack Sunflower Seeds
  • CalciumDi-Cal
  • Flaked MaizeSteam Rolled Oats
  • LysineCanola Oil
  • MethionineMolasses
  • SaltVitamin & Mineral Pellet

Feeding Guide

Kilograms per day for horses. 
(For mature horses approx. 500kg body weight)

  • Medium Work4 kg / day
  • Heavy Work5 kg / day
  • Intense Work6 kg / day

Rates are a GUIDE ONLY adjust according to horse’s size, condition and workload. Feed in conjunction with high quality roughage. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.



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