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Buy Local. Buy Natural. Buy Fresh: Three reasons to support Thompson & Redwood, your local stock feed manufacturerWith the volume of nutritional information available on the internet and across social media, it’s not unusual to see horse and livestock owners getting swept up in the latest “fad product craze”. The problem is, often the latest trends don’t take into account how purchasing stockfeed made right here in Western Australia not only benefits your animals, but also local farmers, the environment and everyone involved within the horse and livestock industries.

We’re often told that local ANYTHING is better; better for the environment, better for the community, better for our health. But just what is it about locally produced goods that makes them so superior? And, in particular, what makes farmed Western Australia produce such an ideal choice for those of us lucky enough to call Australia home? 

Exciting things are happening here at T&R!As you may be aware, we have recently updated our website to a more modern design to make it easier for you to navigate. We have also launched our blog, where we will be regularly posting informative articles relating to the care of a range of animals, as well as exciting T&R news as it happens.