NEW FORMULA – Horse Grower Weaner Pellets

NEW FORMULA – Horse Grower Weaner Pellets

Introducing our New & Improved Formula for Horse Grower Weaner Pellets!

Our complete feed for young horses and breeding stock has had a boost! Now with even higher levels of Lysine, vitamins and minerals and added pre & probiotics to support superior health in your horses.

✅ Added Pre & Probiotics (Actigen & Yea-Sacc) – to increase the good bacteria in the hindgut and promote superior gut health.

✅ Increased levels of Lysine – an essential amino acid that is vital for ideal growth in young horses and protein synthesis in horses of all ages. 
✅ Increased levels of vitamins & minerals – including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, Vitamin E, A, D & K and many more.
View the product information and full nutritional analysis here
The new Horse Grower Weaner Formula is coming to your local stockist. There will be a sticker on our old bags to reflect the change while we change over to the new bag stock.

Why have we added pre & probiotics?

Foals, like human babies need to establish healthy gut bacteria so that they can digest, function and develop correctly. The first microbes to colonise a foals digestive system are those that come from the mare through contact, colostrum and milk.

So it’s vital for a broodmare to have a healthy microbial population in her hindgut to pass on to her foal. It also helps her to digest feed and get the most out of fibre and plant material like pasture and hay.

Young horses that are starting to eat solid food can also benefit from pre & probiotics, as their microbial populations haven’t fully developed yet due to their age.
Encouraging lots of fibre-loving microbes is important, because they are able to ferment fibre to create Volatile Fatty Acids – a vital source of energy.

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