Why Buy Local Stockfeed?

Why Buy Local Stockfeed?

Buy Local. Buy Natural. Buy Fresh: Three reasons to support Thompson & Redwood, your local stock feed manufacturer

With the volume of nutritional information available on the internet and across social media, it’s not unusual to see horse and livestock owners getting swept up in the latest “fad product craze”. The problem is, often the latest trends don’t take into account how purchasing stockfeed made right here in Western Australia not only benefits your animals, but also local farmers, the environment and everyone involved within the horse and livestock industries.

Choosing your stockfeed from Thompson & Redwood (T&R) can make a big difference to the health of your animals without all the expense and delivery times associated with products made elsewhere. Here are our top three reasons for choosing a T&R product.

  1. We support WA farmers (and reap the benefits of superior grain and seed)

For 32 years, T&R have been providing quality stock feed. Our factory in Upper Swan, WA processes 30,000 tonnes of grain and seed every year, creating over 90 different product lines.

Being based in Western Australia means we have access to one of the most reliable sources of quality and low priced grain in the world. All the raw materials we use are grown to contract and tested prior to manufacturing to meet our strict standards. Not only are we supporting local farmers, we’re ensuring the grains we use aren’t going to deteriorate or be affected by mould, contaminants or chemicals.

Our excellent relationship with the local farmers also means that we manufacture using recipes that don’t change. While many of our competitors change their mixes depending on grain prices and availability, ours stay the same. This is why T&R products are preferred by the fussiest consumers – particularly horses.

  1. Our products are fresher and more palatable

T&R products are known for their consistent quality, freshness and are GMO (genetically modified organism)-free.

All of our orders are made to order, with nothing stockpiled on site to ensure freshness. This follows through to our weekly delivery schedule which ensures our stockists and consumers are often getting feed that was raw grain only 3 days earlier.

Freshness impacts the taste of food and also its nutritional value; vitamins and minerals can be affected by heat and transit conditions. You can feel confident our produce is getting to you quickly with all its nutritional availability intact. Can you say the same for feeds that are transported over many days in hot containers on rail?

  1. We know WA conditions and what nutrients your animals need

WA pastures have trace element deficiencies which are unlike any other region of Australia. These deficiencies are taken into account with our unique formulas that include all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to counteract our grazing conditions.

All our product recipes have been developed by local qualified veterinarians and nutritionists to suit the WA climate and pastures. There really is no need to purchase expensive, flashy produce from the east coast when T&R products are scientifically designed to meet or exceed the nutritional requirements of WA animals.

T&R’s proud history in the feed manufacturing sector is reflected by the glowing endorsements of its West Australian customers. Professional event rider, horse trainer, coach and author, Sophie Warren says her feed of choice for all her eventers is T&R’s Claytons pellets.

“Horses need a lot less protein, carbs, sugar and ‘fancy foods’ than you would expect, and the Claytons pellets are a great choice when looking for a feed that is low starch, high fibre, and non-grain based,” Sophie enthuses. “Not only is it great for their digestive system, but it keeps them looking and feeling well, too! Plus, they’re locally produced by ingredients that are locally sourced, and I think spreading the love locally is really important.”

Sophie Warren Sponsored Rider

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