Exciting changes at Thompson & Redwood

Exciting changes at Thompson & Redwood

Exciting things are happening here at T&R!

As you may be aware, we have recently updated our website to a more modern design to make it easier for you to navigate. We have also launched our blog, where we will be regularly posting informative articles relating to the care of a range of animals, as well as exciting T&R news as it happens. Our expert nutritionists will be regular contributors, so make sure you stay tuned to our Blog and Facebook page for handy tips to keep your animals in tip top health! You can also subscribe to our email list to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

As the season for the main equestrian disciplines comes to an end, we thought we should take the time to reflect on some changes and additions to our equine range. First off, we are very excited to be introducing a new range of equine herbs to the Australian market… Dodson & Horrell are a leading brand of horse feed manufacturer in the UK, and have a quality range of herbal blends made specifically for horses. Our introductory range will include their Lami-Free, Itch-Free and Placid blends. Now available at a number of WA Stockfeeds and will be available to purchase from our website, delivery Australia wide!

Dodson and Horrell Horse Feed

We are also delighted to be distributors for new range of healthy horse treats from Equine Pure. Made of 100% natural, wholesome and Aussie ingredients, these treats are both nutritious and delicious.

Equine Pure Carrot MintFinally, we have made some improvements and additions to our existing horse feed range. Our nutritionists regularly review our product formulas to find ways to improve them and provide optimal nutrition to your animals. Some of the changes + additions include:

  • Thompson & Redwood Hi Performance Muesli: We have changed the formula of our Hi Performance muesli to now include flaked faba beans and flaked maize as a source of cool energy, canola oil for coat shine and enhanced vitamin & mineral pellets.New muesli HP
  • Thompson & Redwood Horse Muesli: Now includes extra black sunflower seeds and canola oil for coat and hoof health, decreased molasses content and enhanced vitamin & minerals pellets.
  • Thompson & Redwood ‘Might and Power’ Oat-Free Muesli: This exciting new product uses a unique ‘slow cooked’ steam rolling process to improve the nutrient digestion of maize, lupins and barley. This process greatly improves the ability of the small intestine to handle and digest the starch in maize and barley. In addition, the cooked grains retain their texture and improve their palatability and appeal to horses of all types.  This oat-free feed offers highly digestible energy and protein sources to support exercise at all levels of intensity whilst also offering an exquisite top line for show horses.  Also fortified with vitamins and minerals so no additional supplements are required.

Thompson and Redwood Oat Free Muesli

  • New 20kg bags of Flaked Faba Beans: Faba beans are a great protein source and because they have been steam injected and slowly cooked to 85 degrees then rolled, it makes it easier for the horse to eat and enriches palatability.  The flaking process also increases the efficiency of digestion and contains no starch.
  • New 20kg bags of Flaked Maize: This feed is a super energy supplement and fortifier.  It will aid in high energy production and is ideal for horses working hard.  There are some horses that don’t like to or can’t eat enough hard feed. Flaked maize is a great supplement to add on top of other feed, and is both cool energy and low starch.
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