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Racehorses are usually fed high energy and roughage diets for maximum power and endurance. These feeds are made up of high levels of grain concentrates. When retiring the horse, it may not need as much energy, depending on the amount of work you will be doing. You can adjust their feed by dropping the amount of grain and increasing the amount of roughage, but monitor regularly according to what your horse looks like and how it is performing. The most suitable feeds are the Hi-Performance Muesli, Oat-Free Muesli and Claytons Pellets.

Jess Keeble-Jenkins and her horse Hard Target, otherwise known as ‘Alvin’, have been a successful partnership for many years. Having won and placed in some of the most prestigious events in Western Australia, they are a formidable pair in the eventing circuit. In this blog post, Jess shares the story of Alvin and how they came to form such a great partnership!

Feeding lambs the correct diet early on is extremely important for their long-term growth, health and feed conversion efficiency.Lambs are born with a digestive tract incapable of utilising pasture or other roughage. This is understandable because they initially consume only milk; their digestive tract has to undergo at least 3-4 weeks adaptation to develop the fore-stomachs that ultimately ferment solid feeds.

With a few new additions to the team, we have spent the beginning of the 2017 season building partnerships and training the youngsters. Eminence has started the season off well with two CNC*** starts and a CNC** where he has achieved improvements in his dressage phase at every start. We are excited to see him consolidate at CNC/CIC*** level during the second half of the season.

Exciting things are happening here at T&R!As you may be aware, we have recently updated our website to a more modern design to make it easier for you to navigate. We have also launched our blog, where we will be regularly posting informative articles relating to the care of a range of animals, as well as exciting T&R news as it happens.

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks for me and my horses... A three-day trip down to Narrogin for the Dryandra Show Jumping Championships followed by a full weekend at the Swan River Annual Show Jumping Championships made for a very tired rider (and horses!). Not to mention the fact that I had been staying up until all hours of the night watching the Olympics AND managed to get sick on top of it all. Oops.