Special on Poultry Budget Laying Pellets

Thompson and Redwood chicken feed

Special on Poultry Budget Laying Pellets

We are excited to announce an upcoming special on our Budget Laying Pellets. As from the 1 April until the 31 April 2017, customers will receive 15% off all 20kg bags of Budget Laying Pellets.

The budget layer pellet has been specially formulated for laying hens whilst scavenging in gardens and on household scraps.

This pellet contains the necessary protein, calcium and amino acids to promote maximum egg quality and quantity whilst ensuring good animal health.

It contains 15% protein and will perform like our Premium Laying Pellet when supplemented with scavenging.

Easter special Budget Laying Pellets

You can read more about the product here.

** Available to buy from any good WA stock feed.Budget Laying Pellets Thompson and Redwood

Joanne Wallace
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