Sponsored rider update: Katelyn Prendiville

Katelyn Prendiville Thompson and Redwood

Sponsored rider update: Katelyn Prendiville

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks for me and my horses… A three-day trip down to Narrogin for the Dryandra Show Jumping Championships followed by a full weekend at the Swan River Annual Show Jumping Championships made for a very tired rider (and horses!). Not to mention the fact that I had been staying up until all hours of the night watching the Olympics AND managed to get sick on top of it all. Oops.


In saying this, I was very happy with how the horses have been performing. ESB Irish Leprechaun is back out after a few months’ break, and Kentaur Valencia (owned by Lucy Galovicova) keeps getting better and better. She is now nearly ready to step up to the bigger classes; I just want to consolidate her at 1.15m and get her totally confident before I do so. For a mare that started the season having been a broodmare and only attending a couple of shows in her life, she has come in leaps and bounds!


The highlight with Leprechaun would definitely be placing 2nd in the 125cm EWA Silver Series at Dryandra. Considering his lack of preparation, he jumped super – AND his jump off was fast! Leppy is not known for being the quickest, so I was very happy with how he answered all the questions over a very technical indoor track. Kentaur Valencia (Rosie) placed 3rd and 5th in her 110 and 115 classes respectively.


Swan River Show Jumping was another fantastic annual championship show, similarly held indoors. Thompson and Redwood, being one of the sponsors, had their marquee there, and it was great to see lots of the new products on display. I particularly love the new version of the Hi Performance muesli that now has flaked faba beans and flaked maize (or should I say, my horses love it!!). I was extremely happy with Rosie at this show, placing 2nd and 3rd in large and competitive classes. Unfortunately, this was the weekend I was sick, and by the time I got to ride Leprechaun was starting to flag a bit. I decided to scratch him from most of his classes.

Thompson and Redwood new Hi Performance Muesli

New Hi Performance muesli

So we are now nearly into SPRING (!!) which scares me a little, as I feel like the year has flown by! Spring also means a whole host of big jumping shows, including the Perth Royal Show, State Show Jumping Championships and the Patrons Cup. I am particularly looking forward to watching the World Cup Qualifier at the Royal Show this year; this addition to the monday public holiday of the show will surely be a great spectacle, and will hopefully draw a big crowd. Let’s hope one day I can get there with my horses!


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