T&R Sponsored Riders Achieve Great Results!

T&R Sponsored Riders 2016

T&R Sponsored Riders Achieve Great Results!

We are excited for our talented bunch of sponsored T&R sponsored riders on their recent achievements. These elite riders feed their horses a range of T&R products… Which clearly seem to be working for their teams of horses!

Jess Keeble-Jenkins (Eventing), Samantha Bain (Eventing and Showjumping), Sophie Warren (Eventing), Leeara Park (Show Horse) and Katelyn Prendiville (Showjumping) have been out and about flying the Thompson and Redwood flag over the past year, culminating in some fantastic results in the past month especially.

In particular, we would like to congratulate the eventing girls for achieving the top places at Brigadoon CNC** last weekend. With Sammy winning the class, Jess placing 2nd and Sophie 3rd, it was truly a T&R lineup. In the same weekend, Leeara Park achieved the 2016 Large Hack Of The Year with their wonderful horse LP Supermodel! Katelyn was also successful at the recent Perth Royal Show, winning the Top Score show jumping class.


Under the guidance of our nutritionist Brad Hampton, the T&R sponsored riders use different feeds to keep their horses fit and healthy:

  • Sophie Warren: “I feed all my horses T&R Claytons Pellets. I love that they are low starch, high fibre, and non-grain based.”
  • Sammy Bain: “My horses get a mix of T&R Hi Performance Muesli and T&R Claytons Pellets. My horses have never looked or felt better, I owe it all to you T&R!”
  • Jess Keeble-Jenkins: “The T&R Hi Performance Muesli is my feed of choice. It gives them both the condition and energy to compete successfully in eventing.”
  • Leeara Park: “We feed all our horses T&R Claytons pellets, supplemented with some T&R Horse Grower Weaner Pellets before major competitions. Our mares and foals are also fed T&R Horse Grower Weaner Pellets.”
  • Katelyn Prendiville: “My horses are fed T&R Claytons Pellets supplemented with T&R Horse Muesli, which is working wonders for them! I also have a rising two year old gelding who is fed T&R Horse Grower Weaner Pellets.”Katelyn Prendiville T&R Sponsored Rider
Joanne Wallace
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