Why Local Really is Best – Western Australia

Why Local Really is Best – Western Australia

We’re often told that local ANYTHING is better; better for the environment, better for the community, better for our health. But just what is it about locally produced goods that makes them so superior? And, in particular, what makes farmed Western Australia produce such an ideal choice for those of us lucky enough to call Australia home? 

1. Freshness: locally produced goods are subject to a significantly lower transport time. When it comes to food, freshness has a direct correlation with nutrients; the moment the food is picked, their sugars begin to convert to starch and the nutrients diminish. The sooner fresh products are consumed, the more nutritious they are.

When it comes to animal feed such as grains, this low turnaround time combined with factors such as clean environmental conditions and high quality storage will translate to a truly fresh product that is more palatable and safe. Unlike many other feed manufacturers, we aim to excel in all of these factors here at Thompson and Redwood.  The average turnaround time of ingredients being delivered to our factory then manufactured and delivered to customers is 3-4 days.

Thompson and Redwood Premium Laying Pellets

2. High Quality: Australia has always been known for its quality produce and farming practices. In particular, Western Australia is one of the most pest-free and disease-free agricultural production areas in the world. High standards combined with strict quarantine requirements and a high focus on research and innovation, mean that our produce is some of the best in the world. We proudly source all our ingredients from Western Australian farmers and have various grain quality testing and standards to maintain the highest possible quality.

wheat harvest

3. Lower costs and emissions: Less transportation can often mean lower prices; not to mention lower greenhouse gas emissions. Being based in Western Australia means that we have fast access to some of the highest quality grain in the world; and yet can supply it at the best prices.


4. Benefits to local farmers and local jobs: By purchasing locally grown and manufactured produce, you will be investing in the future of our farmers, community, and jobs. The Western Australian agriculture and food sector provides jobs for more than 30,000 Western Australian’s, and represents about 10 percent of the state’s economy. We firmly believe in supporting the local community as much as possible, both through purchasing local produce and through sponsoring numerous local events.


These are just some of the reasons that local really is best when it comes to farmed produce. We are lucky here in Western Australia to have access to such high-quality and safe agricultural products; vital not only to our economy, but also to our local community and health.

Ally Doumany
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