Mogumber Park: Why We Feed T&R

Mogumber Park Horse Grower Weaner Pellets

Mogumber Park: Why We Feed T&R

Mogumber Park is a thoroughbred breeding farm in Bullsbrook, Western Australia. Having been a successful breeding operation for over 10 years, the owners are very particular when it comes to proper care and nutrition to keep with their motto of ‘maximising potential’.

They have been feeding Thompson & Redwood Grower Weaner Pellets for several years, with the product being endorsed by equine stud veterinarian (and owner of Olive Grove Equine Clinic, which also resides on the property), Dr Fiona Lacey.

“We love that the T&R Grower Weaner Pellets have been made with the nutritional requirements of growing and breeding horses in mind,” said owner Colin Brown.

“All of our broodmares, stallions and young stock are on this feed. The reliable, high-protein formula has added vitamins and minerals to support the correct muscle and bone formation, as well as good milk production in mares. We also like that it is made fresh using local raw materials, thereby supporting WA farmers.”

To learn more about Mogumber Park and their breeding operation, see their website.

Joanne Wallace
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