Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles – Now with Regano

Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles – Now with Regano

We are excited to add Regano to our Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles to support coccidiosis management in young birds. Regano is a naturally derived essential oil high in phenols which can help to create a strong gut barrier, promote healthy gut flora and the reduce negative bacteria and microbes in the gut. Improved gut health can lead to improvements in immune health in birds and enhanced performance in your flock.

The decision to include Regano is part of our commitment to producing natural feeds that support superior health in animals while contributing to sustainable production. In this blog post we’ll talk a bit more about Regano, Coccidiosis and where it fits in your Cocci management plan. 

What is regano?

Regano is an essential oil derived from a specific cultivar of Oregano.

Essential oils are aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from particular plant materials.

Oregano has a highly favourable blend of components, in particular the phenols Thymol and Carvacrol which are primary antimicrobials (O’Bryan et al. 2017).

Regano is manufactured through a patented micro-emulsion process which makes it superior to another Oregano like products in the marketplace.

Oregano essential oils have been show to be effective against:

  • Pathogenic bacteria,
  • Coccidia
  • Certain viruses
  • Nematodes

How does regano support coccidiosis management?

Regano acts to boost healthy gut microflora and function to reduce negative bacteria and microbes. 

Coccidiosis (cocci) is a common intestinal disease in poultry, caused by parasites that damage the lining of the birds intestine which then prevents them from absorbing their nutrients correctly (read more about cocci below!) Because cocci is an infection of the intestine, strengthening and boosting the gut is vital in supporting chicks. 

➡ The Carvacrol in Regano is antimicrobial and has proven bacteriostatic activity which can help to protect the intestinal lining, not just against coccidia but other bacteria.

➡ Studies have shown that unlike antibiotics, Regano does not impact the beneficial gut bacteria (Lactobacillus spp.)

➡ The formula contains prebiotic fibres which also help to populate the gut with beneficial bacteria for improved gut health.

➡ Can be used with other coccidiosis management programs to maintain and restore their gut health and function that can otherwise be impacted by some treatments.

And the benefits don't stop there...

Regano is not just beneficial in the management of Coccidiosis, it can also help to improve overall health:

  • Highly palatable flavour which can improve feed intake
  • Prebiotic fibres can help to populate the gut with healthy bacteria and boost gut health in young birds
  • Studies have shown that birds fed Regano had improved weight gain against control groups and those on antibiotics
  • Improved gut function can lead to better feed conversion efficiency and more cost-effective feeding in flocks
  • Regano is high in antioxidants which can help to fight free-radicals and provide more protection to birds in times of stress

Increasing overall gut and immune health can help with coccidiosis management because outbreaks tend to occur in birds with low immunity, suppressed immune systems from other illnesses, stress, exposure to new or different coccidia species and poor sanitation. And if you could kick-start their gut health from an early age – it could make a difference to their long term development and productivity!

Regano is not an antibiotic treatment for birds that are already sick with coccidiosis. 

Chick Starter & Grower Crumbles with Regano should form part of an overall health management plan for coccidiosis.

Paired with good husbandry, hygiene and biosecurity practices, studies have shown that Regano assists in the management of coccidiosis by promoting a strong gut barrier and healthy gut microflora. It is not a replacement for good management. 



Coccidiosis is a common intestinal disease in poultry and other animals caused by parasites.

Feeding Chickens Lifecycle Thompson and Redwood

Coccidiosis is a common disease in poultry. It is caused by different species of coccidia, but in particular ‘Eimeria genera’. It can be present even in healthy flocks, and may cause zero or only mild symptoms. When an outbreak occurs, the parasites multiply rapidly and infect the intestinal wall which prevents the absorption of nutrients by the bird. 

Outbreaks tend to occur in birds with low immunity, suppressed immune systems from other illnesses, stress, exposure to new or different coccidia species and poor sanitation. Hygiene and sanitation is vital in managing it as infection usually occurs from ingestion of the egg through faeces, from the ground, contaminated water or feeders.

What are the symptoms of coccidiosis?

Illness can occur when the bird is exposed to new coccidia, high levels of coccidia or when their immune system is suppressed. This is why chicks are often susceptible, as their immune system is still developing and they are housed in more concentrated environments.

Some common symptoms are:

  • Diarrhoea which may be watery or bloody
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of growth and development
  • Death if untreated


How does it spread?

Infection occurs when birds ingest the oocysts (eggs). Infected birds can then shed the eggs in their faeces which can then contaminate their bedding, food and water and spread the illness around the flock.

Coccidiosis Management

As coccidia infection occurs through the ingestion of the eggs and contaminated faeces, good hygiene and sanitation for your flock and enclosure is vital. 

Some ways this can be managed include:

  • Prevent contamination of food and water by using quality feeders
  • Regularly clean all dishes or feeders
  • Keep the coop dry and clean (coccidia prefer warm damp environments)
  • Avoid overcrowding
  • Quarantine any new birds before introduction
  • Watch out for contact with wild birds
  • Feed a high quality feed to ensure chicks are getting the nutrients they need to support rapid growth without compromising their essential functions and health
  • Include a gut & immune health support supplement like Regano
Ally Doumany
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