Thompson and Redwood sheep feeds offer a range of high quality, palatable feeding solutions for your sheep to optimise health and performance across all stock and production systems.

Thompson & Redwood nutritionists have worked closely with the sheep industry over many years to carefully design a range of ruminant feeds to suit lambs and sheep. Our specially formulated sheep feed is made from quality, natural ingredients and fortified with a premium vitamin and mineral premix to support every stage of the life cycle.

Feeding sheep and lambs to complement your production aim has a number of benefits, including improved development, maintenance in drought conditions or finishing animals for show, sale or in a feedlot.  Our range is easy to feed out in bins, tubs or bunks, giving you a cost-effective feeding solution.  


Calf & Lamb Pellets

These 4mm pellets have been designed specifically for lambs and calves from 3 days old to weaners.
Available in 30kg bags or bulk.


A high protein, high energy feed in 6mm cubes designed specifically for all sheep and production systems.
Available in 30kg bags or bulk.

Lick Pellets

A concentrated protein and energy feed in 4 mm pellet, specially formulated with vitamins and minerals.
Available in bulk only.

lamb finisher pellets

A high energy, high protein feed to ensure optimum growth and weight gain.
Bulk only.

Our products are

  • GMO and Antibiotic Free. Made using fresh, natural ingredients with minimal processing to ensure they keep their natural goodness and flavour, and to maximise palatability for cattle.

  • Made with ingredients sourced from Western Australian farmers and manufactured locally.

  • In easy to feed forms to suit feeding out in bins, tubs or bunks, and minimise product wastage.

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