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Nutritionally balanced pellets to support horses with high workloads as well as growing young horses. Containing superior calcium and phosphorus levels, coupled with high Vitamin A, D and E, this versatile feed is highly digestible and palatable.

Thompson and Redwood Horse Pellets

Product Sizes Available: 20kg & 40kg

  • Highly digestible energy and protein sources to support heavy workloads and growth in young horses
  • All ingredients are palatable and the superior protein and mineral levels make this a top quality feed
  • Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and mineral premix – no other supplements required
  • Formulated to meet or exceed the NRC “Nutrient Requirements of Horses” when fed as directed
  • Uses quality Western Australian produce supporting our local farming communities

Nutritional Analysis : Guaranteed Minimums

  • Crude Protein (%) 16.9
  • Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 13.9
  • Calcium (g/kg) 7.7
  • Phosphorous (g/kg) 5.0
  • Lysine (%) 0.91
  • Methionine (%) 0.31
  • Threonine (%) 0.58
  • Crude Fat (%) 4.2
  • Linoleic Acid (%) 0.94
  • Crude Fibre (%) 9.6
  • Salt (%) 0.5
  • Sodium (g/kg) 2.6
  • Chloride (g/kg) 4.0
  • Potassium (g/kg) 6.7
  • Vitamin A (IU/kg) 5900
  • Vitamin D (IU/kg) 430.0
  • Vitamin E (mg/kg) 124.0
  • Vitamin B1 (mg/kg) 11.8
  • Vitamin B2 (mg/kg) 5.1
  • Vitamin B5 (mg/kg) 22.1
  • Vitamin B6 (mg/kg) 9.2
  • Niacin (mg/kg) 41.5
  • Folic Acid (mg/kg) 1.8
  • Biotin (mg/kg) 0.22
  • Cobalt (mg/kg) 0.21.21
  • Copper (mg/kg) 24.0
  • Iodine (mg/kg) 0.43
  • Iron (mg/kg) 117.0
  • Magnesium (g/kg) 2.4
  • Manganese (mg/kg) 121.0
  • Selenium (mg/kg) 0.3
  • Zinc (mg/kg) 90.0

Typical Ingredients

  • Barley Lupins
  • Oats Calcium
  • Cereal By-productDi-Cal
  • Lucerne Lysine
  • MethionineSalt
  • Vitamins & Minerals Premix

Feeding Guide

For horses with an expected mature weight around 500kg
  • Yearlings 4 – 5 kg / day
  • Sport and Performance Horses 4 – 5 kg / day
  • Pregnant Mares 3 – 4 kg / day
  • Lactating Mares 6 – 8 kg / day

Kilograms per day for horses. Rates are a GUIDE ONLY – adjust according to horse’s size, condition and workload. Feed in conjunction with high quality roughage. Ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.


Horse Pellets Testimonials

Horse Pellets Thompson and Redwood

“I have used T&R equine products for my horses and foals for many years. Over this time, I have used the T&R Horse Pellets and Horse Grower Weaner depending on their needs. My Arab endurance horse (who also does the Anzac march here in town every year) holds a great top line and dapples on the horse pellets.

All my horses have always held their conditioning beautifully and have a nice shine to their coats on these products.”

~ Kellee-Ann Kenward

David Dobson Equestrian

“We (Dobson Equestrian) have fed the T&R Horse Pellets to our team of jumping horses for a few years now. They look and feel great, and the fact that the feed is locally sourced and made fresh in WA is even better.

~ David Dobson, top Australian Show jumper

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