New Easy-Open Bags

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New easy-open bags. Same great formulas.

If you’ve ever fumbled opening a bag in the dark at feed time, then you’ll already be a fan of Thompson & Redwood’s new easy-open bags.

The recyclable 20kg bags feature a perforated strip to make opening quick and easy. As our long-term customer Cherry remarks, “Happiness is opening a bag of feed on the first go”.

The T&R equine range consists of nine unique complete feeds developed by our nutritionist team to cater for every type of horse across all disciplines.

Featuring vibrant photographs of the horse “type” most likely to thrive on each feed, the new packaging has already been a hit with both stockists and horse owners. Explore the range today.

Need some expert guidance?

Find out which of our equine feeds is most suited to your horse or pony. Our nutritionists can develop a custom feed program, taking into account your horse’s specific health and dietary requirements.

This service is limited to Western Australian residents only at this time.

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