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PROagni® proTECT C Wean

ProAgni ProTect C Wean is a high protein crumbed feed including milk powder for use during early weaning of calves. Designed for ease of digestion and providing nutritional support, when fed to young animals transitioning from milk to grain or grass-based diets.

Why use protect c Wean
  • Provides high protein, high energy nutrition
  • Provides buffering against lactic acidosis
  • Helps livestock reach genetic potential for increased production
  • Meets increasing demand for antibiotic free meat
  • Reduces methane
  • Contains plant proteins including bypass and rumen degradable forms of high quality protein
  • Includes powdered milk, a high protein, energy and fat source
  • Includes Acid Buf, a highly effective rumen buffer, containing a pure source of bio-available minerals for rumen efficiency
  • Includes Optiwise® a patent pending additive of organic and inorganic bio-available minerals, trace elements, vitamins, probiotic extracts, bioactives and antioxidative compounds, for maximising animal health and minimizing energy waste
  • Proven methane-mitigating ingredients; including one certified by the Carbon Trust
Antibiotic and ionophore free

ProTect C is free from antibiotics, ionophores and urea. It is also free from hormones, lasolacid and monensin. 

ADDED vitamins & minerals

Contains Optiwise™ a patent pending additive of organic and inorganic bio-available minerals, trace elements (Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Selenium & Zinc), vitamins (A, D and E) probiotics, bioactive and antioxidants

How to use protect C Wean

ProTect C Wean is a pelleted feed, to be fed directly to calves as part of an early weaning protocol. 

  1. Supply to calves using feed trough or trail feeding.
  2. Provide access to adlib cereal hay and cool, clean water. 
  3. Introduce ration by feeding 250g per head, fed twice a day. Each day increase ration by 250g per head per feed until ad lib consumption is achieved.
  4. Once calves are consuming up to 1kg per day, additional cracked/rolled cereal grain may be added to ProTect C Wean at a ratio of 2:1 eg 1kg ProTect C Wean + 500g Cereal grain.
  5. Feed ProTect C Wean to calves for 14 to 21 days, or until calves reach liveweight of at least 120kg.
  6. Following early weaning, calves can transition to a grain-based diet containing ProAgni ProTect C, or high-quality pastures.


  • Crude Protein (%)21.6
  • M.E. (MJ/Kg)11.2
  • Calcium(%)0.6
  • Phosphorus total (%) 0.6
  • Sodium(%) 0.13
  • Potassium(%) 0.69
  • Magnesium(%) 0.23
  • Sulfur (%) 0.46
  • Vitamin D3 (kiu/kg)0.41
  • Vitamin A (kiu/kg)4.14
  • Vitamin E (kiu/kg)93.98
Micro Minerals
  • Manganese (mg/kg)33.6
  • Iron (mg/kg)105.61
  • Copper (mg/kg)20.74
  • Zinc (mg/kg)44.84
  • Selenium (mg/kg)0.45
  • Cobalt (mg/kg)0.11
  • Iodine (mg/kg)0.55

Feeding Guide

Before introducing grain to your livestock, we recommend that you speak to your animal nutritionist and create an induction plan for performance. Click the link below to download your early weaning induction plan. 

Early Weaning Protocol


  • Free from urea and hormones
  • Free from Lasalocid and Monensin
  • Nil withholding period, nil export slaughter intervals
  • Feed only to lambs
  • Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animals


ProAgni Feed should only be feed to the animal that the product has been specifically formulated for.

Do not feed wet, mouldy products to any animal.

STORAGE – Store all bags or bulk deliveries off the ground in a dry place out of direct sunlight and away from possible pests and insects.
Store at below 30C.

This product does not contain restricted animal material.


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