Thompson and Redwood offer a range of high quality, palatable feeding solutions for your cattle to optimise health and performance across all stock and production systems. 

Our cattle feeds have been specially formulated and developed by our team of leading veterinarians and nutritionists to meet the requirements of your herd.  Feeding cattle to complement your production aim has a number of benefits, including improved weaner development, maintenance in drought conditions or finishing animals for show, sale or in a feedlot. 

Made from quality, natural ingredients with minimal processing to maintain their natural flavour and maximise feed conversion efficiency. Our range is easy to feed out in bins, tubs or bunks, giving you a cost-effective feeding solution.  

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Our products are

  • GMO and Antibiotic Free. Made using fresh, natural ingredients with minimal processing to ensure they keep their natural goodness and flavour, and to maximise palatability for cattle.

  • Made with ingredients sourced from Western Australian farmers and manufactured locally.

  • In easy to feed forms to suit feeding out in bins, tubs or bunks, and minimise product wastage.

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