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Amy Wheeler recommends Horse Cubes New senior formula

"“I have been feeding my horses Thompson and Redwood for years now, I love my feeds to be simple so I feed chaff, lucerne and Horse Grower and Weaner pellets.

Previously I was feeding an expensive senior mix however swapped over to T&R Senior Pellets (Horse Cubes) which are amazing! Not only is it cheaper, my horse loves it and I’m feeding less as he’s keeping weight a lot nicer on the Senior Pellets.

My horse is a 24yo Arabian. He’s a little legend, always trying his hardest for me and I can’t speak higher of him if I tried. So not only do I love the products so do my horses. I also have two other horses who I feed T&R daily. They are Shadow, my 12yo welsh pony and Duke my 11yo part-Arab palomino, who is currently in training to become my next rodeo all-rounder.”

Sophie's Claytons Pellets testimonial

Sophie Warren recommends Claytons Pellets

"My feed of choice for all my eventers is T&R’s Claytons pellets.

Horses need a lot less protein, carbs, sugar and ‘fancy foods’ than you would expect, and the Claytons pellets are a great choice when looking for a feed that is low starch, high fibre, and non-grain based. Not only is it great for their digestive system, but it keeps them looking and feeling well, too!

Plus, they’re locally produced by ingredients that are locally sourced, and I think spreading the love locally is really important."


Midge Boag recommends Horse Grower Weaner Pellets

"I have been feeding Thompson & Redwood's Horse Grower Weaner pellets to our horses and all the agisters, broodmares, youngsters etc for as long as T&R have been around. The only ones who don’t get it are the fatty boompahs.

It has proven beneficial to the racehorses who spell with us, as they come off very high protein diets and these pellets let them down gently. Any horse that has come in very underweight has picked up in quick time. They are safe to feed and I have found they do not make horses hot and I have never had any problems with laminitis. I feed lots to the underweight horses. I have always fed horses on the KISS principal and nothing is more simple than T&R Horse Grower Weaner."

Photo of the lovely mare KP Autumn Rain with foal Canterbury Adonis deLuxe.

Claytons Testimonial

Amber Wright recommends Claytons Pellets and Horse Muesli

“We have been feeding T&R Claytons pellets at out agistment centre for the last 6 months after their sponsored rider Katelyn brought some for us to try when her horses stayed with us. We were really impressed with the freshness and quality when we opened the first bag, don’t laugh, but they smell really nice!

The size of the pellets makes them super palatable and finally my horse can’t sift out his additives, which I have also been able to halve because of the feed is more complete then what we were feeding. We have experienced more consistency in the horses behaviour, less fizz and more shine to their coats. We feed it to everything from the beautiful old 26yo mare, the weanlings, to my monster sized eventers, one of whom I struggled to get the right balance of protein and nutrients for good performance without him putting on additional weight or him being a bucking, farting, 18h pain..... Claytons with a little T&R Muesli is perfect. It’s a great choice for a well-rounded feed that provides well balanced nutrition for a wide range of horses at an affordable price.

Thompson and Redwood are a friendly bunch of locals who support local riders. They always provide sponsorship when asked at any level and I genuinely think it is important to support those who support us, especially when their products are the real deal!”

T&R Oat Free Muesli testimonial

Pam Page recommends Might & Power Oat Free Muesli

“Everton Park Jet Blauw D, aka Jetson, is an FEI level dressage horse. As a warmblood, he is quite a good doer. In saying that, we rely on the T&R Oat-Free muesli to keep him happy, healthy and in tip-top condition to compete at his best. He recently won two FEI Medium tour championships - being the Henty Winter Championship dressage weekend and the Geraldton 2018 Dressage Championships - both shows being only two weeks apart and meaning travelling over 1,500 kms!”


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