Thompson & Redwood stock and supply a range of equine herbal blends from renowned UK manufacturer Dodson & Horrell.

All Dodson & Horrell herbal blends are formulated by a resident herbalist who has over 35 years’ experience in sourcing and blending herbs for the equine market. Most horses can benefit from the addition of herbs to their diet, especially those with dietary concerns or specific ailments.

Originally, horses living in the wild would maintain their health by seeking out and consuming a variety of herbs found naturally in their environment. Now, with horses commonly kept stabled or in fertilised fields, they no longer have access to the natural support they once did. A growing number of vets are now advocating the effects of herbs to promote health and wellbeing in all types of horses.

Thompson and Redwood are proud to be the Australian stockist of Dodson & Horrell herbs.

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