Meet our 2023 T&R Junior Ambassadors

Meet our 2023 T&R Junior Ambassadors

We’re very proud to welcome on board our Junior Ambassadors for 2023. These young riders show dedication and passion in working towards their goals for 2023. From far Northern WA all the way to the South, they are heavily involved in their sports and communities.  In this blog we’ll introduce them and what they are up to with their horses this year:

    • Aja Tito – Karratha
    • Halle Dell’Agostino – Benger
    • Noah Woodyer – Bullsbrook

Meet Aja Tito - 12 - Karratha

Rodeo, Barrel Racing, Gymkhanas and trail riding.
Tell us a bit about your horse?
“My horse ‘Devilscreek Wynette’ is a 7 year old Reg. Australian Stock Horse Taffy Mare. She is really good at Barrel Racing and Mounted Games, she also does breakaway roping and loves to swim at the beach!”
What is your proudest moment or achievement to date?
“One of my proudest moments was my first Junior Barrel Race at Kalgan Rodeo last year, I was also really proud to get the encouragement award at the S.H.O.A.T.A Gymkhana last year. I cant wait for all the events we have lined up for 2023!”
Where do you get your inspiration?
“My mum.”
Which T&R feeds do you use?
“I feed Wynette Claytons Pellets and Lucerne Chaff, when we travel a lot and she is doing multi events we introduce Hi Performance Muesli as well.”
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Halle Dell'Agostino - 14 - South West

Which Disciplines Do you Compete in?

Campdrafting,  Australian Stock Horse Society and challenges, dressage, showjumping.

Tell us about your horses:

Yellinga Reload is a 12 year old grey Australian stock horse. Reload is an amazing Campdrafter, Stock horse challenge event horse, and dressage horse, he also loves Barrel racing for fun, the beach and bush rides.

Rocksbar Bootsman is a 6 year old Burnt Buckskin Australian Stock Horse. Bootsman is amazing at Campdrafting, Stock horse Challenge events and show jumping. He also loves the beach and bareback/tackless riding.

What is your proudest riding moment so far?

Winning the 2022 Coolup Campdraft Champion of Champions on Yellinga Reload.2021 WA State Overall Champion Junior Australian Stock Horse Rider

What is your main goal for 2023?

Build on my riding skills with my two horses for a fun filled campdraft/stock horse season. To be competitive at the 2023 WA ASHS State champs. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

I am inspired by many of my coaches,  Ruve Tyler, Clive Hill, Dawn Solomon, Sharlie King, Jim Laverty and Peace Cutting.

Which T&R Feeds do you use?

We use Claytons Pellets and Might and Power Muesli (Oat Free). 

Photo: Rustic Pics

Noah Woodyer - 12 - Perth

 Noah is 12 years old and is from Bullsbrook in the Swan Valley. Born in England, he moved to Perth when he was 5 years old. Get to know more about Noah:
Which disciplines do you love?
“My main passion is Eventing. I love that it is three phases which makes it more exciting and challanging. The events are normally run over two days so it also means that I get to camp over with my family and friends. I also compete in dressage, showjumping and Interschools.”
Tell us about your horses or ponies:
“Akina Edahn – 16 year old, 16.2hh, Chestnut Warmblood X TB. Edahn is a very talented Show Jumper who has competed mainly around the 115m classes. He’s also done some eventing and dressage and even competed over east. He has had a few years off work, and I have been enjoying getting to know him over the last few months. We are starting to build a solid partnership and I am very excited about 2023 with this extremely special horse.
Judaroo Love Bug- 12.3hh chestnut pocket rocket! Herbie has been my pony since I was 8 years old. We have done so much together and had many successes. He has turned his hoof at everything although we concentrated on 80cm Eventing. In 2021 Herbie and I was part of the pony club eventing squad and completed at the pony club nationals. I have almost outgrown him and this will be my last year riding him before he moves on to teach another little rider.
Currie Park Calluna- Luna is a 2 year old Highland Pony who we have had since she was a foal. She is actually my mum’s pony, but I have lots of plans for her future and I will definitely be the first one to ride her!”
What’s been your proudest riding moment so far?
“Last year I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to represent Western Australia at the “Australian Interschools Championships 2022” which was held in Sydney.
It was a real community effort to get me and my pony over there with lots of fundraising and support from my family, individuals and local companies who got involved to make it happen.
As an individual I came home with Combined Training National Champion, Show Hunter rider phase 2nd place, Show hunter overall 6th Place and Dressage 8th place in both of my classes. I am very proud to have been part of one of the most successful teams Western Australia has ever sent to nationals.
I was also recently nominated for “Junior Rider of the Year” at the EWA awards night.”
What do you feed your team?
“Edahn and Herbie are both fed T&R Claytons Pellets and Lupin Fibre Cubes. It makes their coat super shiny, and the fibre cubes add additional water to help keep them hydrated in the summer months.
Luna has T&R Horse Grower and Weaner pellets. I also have ducks, geese and a rabbit named Mikey who all enjoy T&R Feeds.”
What are your goals for 2023?
“This year I am concentrating on transitioning from a small pony to a big horse. I hope to move up the grades in eventing and would like to reach 95cm by the end of the year. I am however bringing Edahn back into work after a few years off so we will be taking our time and moving up only when he is ready.
Alongside Edahn, I will also be riding Herbie at many events throughout the year including Pony Dressage, eventing and showjumping. I will compete both Herbie and Edahn at the “WA Interschools championships” in April and will hopefully qualify for the national team again.”
Where do you get your inspiration?
“I get my inspiration from the people that believe in me including my family, my coaches and my sponsors. I watch a lot of local and top riders work hard and it encourages me to do the same. I am driven by my dreams to one day ride professional. I once watched a documentary called “yard talk” featuring Oliver Townend. He talked about always being the child that rode the tricky ponies and as an adult how he rode other people’s “chuck outs” It gave me hope that just because I do not have the most expensive horses it does not mean that I cannot reach my dreams.”
Photo: Michelle Morrison
Photo: Christie Lyn
Photo: Christie Lyn
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