Our Super Mash Feed for Senior Horses

Our Super Mash Feed for Senior Horses

Our senior horses need a bit of extra care when it comes to their diet and choosing the right feed. As their bodies age, so does their teeth and digestive system.
Dental health plays a big part in feeding a senior horse, as their teeth change and decline as they age. 
Here are a few reasons why your senior horse’s dental health impacts feed choice:
1. Did you know that your horse’s teeth continue to erupt throughout their lifetime at a rate of 2-3mm a year? As the horse chews, it continuously wears its teeth down, so they have ‘reserve’ crown below the gum line that erupts. Their teeth are considered fully grown at around 8-10 years of age.
2. The reserve tooth narrows as it goes down below the gum line, so as it erupts, gaps form between the teeth making it easy for feed, especially grass and hay to get stuck.
3. The remaining teeth have less of an anchor under the gum and can become wobbly and sore and leave the horse susceptible to periodontal disease.
4. Chewing can become increasingly difficult and painful for them, which can lead to loss of appetite, inefficient eating, weight loss and choke.
What should you be looking for when choosing a senior horse feed?
1. EASY TO CHEW – it should be easy to chew and ideally soak into a soft mash so horses with poor dentition can still eat it comfortably and efficiently and it can reduce the risk of choke.
2. FOCUS ON FIBRE – because their forage and hay intake can be impacted, look for built in fibre and consider adding a fibre supplement mash.
3. EXTRA PALATABILITY – older horses can be fussy when it comes to eating, so the feed should be highly palatable (extra yummy).
4. HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE – the digestive system can also become less efficient in senior horses, so the feed should be concentrated and nutritious, so they can digest it easily.

We recommend

horse cubes for seniors and Lupin fibre cubes - a mash made in heaven!

If you’re looking for the ideal mash for your horse, mix Horse Cubes for Seniors with Lupin Fibre Cubes – they’re a mash made in heaven!
Together they soak down into a delicious, palatable mash, to give your horse both a complete feed and a nutritious super fibre base.
Which horses would this suit?
    •  Ideal for golden oldies coming into winter that need extra conditioning and an easy to chew and digest feed that supports gut health.
    •  Ideal for performance horses of all ages because it is high in calories, fibre and protein to provide the energy and amino acids needed to support heavy workloads.

About the feeds...

Horse Cubes for Seniors is a highly digestible and conditioning complete feed with added pre/probiotics for gut health.

Ideal for senior horses as well as performance horses of all ages who require increased topline or rapid recovery from high intensity exercise.

They can be feed unsoaked, but soak down into a soft, palatable mash. Learn more…

Horse Cubes for Seniors 20kg Bag Image

Lupin Fibre Cubes are a high fibre, low sugar and starch quick-soaking feed with a natural prebiotic action suitable for all horses and ponies.

They provide quality protein for topline and conditioning and are a highly digestible low fizz energy source.

They can be used instead of chaff. Learn more…

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