Overcoming that End of Season ‘Slump’

Overcoming that End of Season ‘Slump’

With Chloe Gee

Young rider Chloe Gee has had a huge year, with two trips east to compete – and going through year 12! But the year isn’t over yet, Chloe graduated last week, has final exams to sit and still another major event to go. In this blog post she talks about how to keep going at the tail end of the season when motivation might be running low. 

Although for a lot of us, the end of the season can bring lots of big and exciting events that we’ve trained all year for, it can also bring a lack of motivation, and a longing for a break. Don’t get me wrong, we all love our sport, but even for the most motivated and consistent riders, reaching the end of the season can be tough as we are all exhausted. Not to mention the beginning of the warmer weather taking even more energy out of us.

So how do we get through the last months of the season? I’ve put together a list of things to put in place to help you make it through to December.

    1. Sit down and make a plan
    2. Do up a weekly schedule and stick to it
    3. Make jobs fun
    4. Remember to be kind to yourself!

1. Sit down and make a plan

This is a big one. Sit down and put your last few events into a calendar or diary, then put in all the other things you have on in that time.

Along with all the important dates you have, write in one day each week which is going to be your ‘rest’ day. This doesn’t have to be a day where you do absolutely nothing, because let’s be realistic, none of us have time for that! But make it a day where you take some time to yourself. This could be taking yourself out for some breakfast at your favourite café or having a night in and watching a movie (or three) at a time that is not midnight! Sleep is important too!

2. Do up a weekly schedule and stick to it

Now that you’ve written in all the events in your calendar, write up a weekly training schedule in line with these events. Planning out your weekly training schedule will help you stay organised, and having a plan also helps with motivation as you know exactly what you’re doing each day, and also how any days until your scheduled ‘rest day’.

3. make jobs fun

We all love our sport, but like all things, there are always going to be parts of it that aren’t quite as fun. Try and make things exciting for yourself.

Want to go and do some jump training? Call up your bestie and go together. Need to do an early morning gallop session? Take a fold up camp chair, a coffee and some brekky for your horse, and take 10 minutes before you leave to enjoy the morning and clear your head before the start of the day.  ‘Enjoy the little things’.

3. Remember to be kind to yourself

Life is hard, being a horse rider is hard. And it’s hard for everyone. Not everyone stays motivated all the time, or are up early everyday to ride without fail (trust me, there’s plenty of days where your bed feels much better than a saddle!)

Remind yourself it’s okay to find it difficult to keep up with life, and that some things can wait for you to get yourself back on track. Remember that we do this sport because we love it, so just do what you love (and the things that you have to do to get to the parts you love!)


You’re not alone in this sport, there’s plenty of people that are around to support you, so use them up! Keep your chin up, and lets go crush the rest of the season! You got this!

Ally Doumany
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