Part II – Preparing Goats for the Perth Royal

Part II – Preparing Goats for the Perth Royal

with Tahlia baxter from Diego Valley Miniature Goat Stud

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Team member Tahlia is taking her goats to the Perth Royal Show. Heading to the show will be Sapphire, rising 3yo 50% Nigerian Dwarf alongside her triplets Blueberry, Bluebell & Jive (62.5% Nigerian Dwarf). Also going along will be 9 month old 25% Nigerian Dwarf, Bambi.

Two weeks before the royal

I have received my passes in the mail for the Perth Royal Show. The countdown is on! I now start to make a draft of what I will need to pack. I like to be organised to make sure I have everything on my list. 

The goats will stay at the Claremont showgrounds for 5 days, so it is important I have everything I need for them at the show.

I start to practice walking Bambi and Sapphire on a lead. Also standing them up nice and square, as if in the ring presenting for the judge.

T&R team member Tahlia Baxter runs Diego Valley Miniature Goat Stud

One week before the royal

Show time is getting closer! Now at one week from the show I trim their hooves. Making their hooves nice and tidy ready for the show ring.

I wash Bambi, Sapphire and the triplets, this allows their oils to come through ready for show day. It was the triplets first bath, and they all were all very well behaved.

The days before the royal

Its packing time! I make sure I have packed everything on my list. Can’t forget to put in lots of their favourite T & R goat muesli and pellets. Some of the things I have to pack are hay, my milking stand, a white coat (to be worn in the show ring), collars, leads and documents such as the herds CAE results, waybill (document to transport goats to and from any property), and dairy goat passes.

I have a look at Sapphire and Bambi and clean any dirty spots. I also touch up by clipping around their teats and the udder as the judges will be looking to see size, attachment, teat placement, so it is best if they are neatly clipped.

The countdown is on! I have the car and trailer packed, now the real excitement begins for our first Perth Royal Show debut!

The goat coach!
Getting packed and ready to go

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Ally Doumany
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  • Sharyn Dauti
    Posted at 07:35h, 03 November Reply

    Great articles Tahlia, they were much needed.
    Might be advisable to also put in a comment about worming about a week before the show.
    Stress can exacerbate a worm burden.

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