What it takes to breed and produce show horses for the winner’s circle

Feeding Riding Ponies

What it takes to breed and produce show horses for the winner’s circle

Thompson & Redwood sponsored riders Caris and Brittany Reside from Leeara Park share their knowledge about breeding and producing show ring champions.

We have been breeding Australian Riding Ponies since 2005 and are proud to say that we have brought 28 ponies into the world over the past 13 years. Breeding is hard work, yet extremely rewarding when the hard work pays off. For the purpose of this blog, we will be sharing the story of Marnie aka ‘Leeara Park Diamond Petite’ (a five year old mare) and Arden ‘Leeara Park Elizabeth Arden’ (a two year old filly).

From the very beginning, in utero, our ponies are raised and produced on quality WA Thompson and Redwood produce. Owning and operating a stud is a huge responsibility and we are adamant that our stock are raised on quality feed products. The T&R Grower Weaner pellets are our number one choice for our stud mares and young stock. Both Marnie’s and Arden’s dams were fed this product right the way through their pregnancies and during the duration of having their foals at foot. Being a high protein feed, this assisted our mares to have good milk production when it was time for their foals to come along.

Our choice was to continue both mares on the Grower Weaner pellets when the foals were at foot, as well as continuing both Marnie and Arden on this feed throughout their youngstock years. Our reasons for this was that the product promotes sound lean growth for young stock as well as sound bone development, which we believe is essential in supporting young horses in all aspects of growth.

Producing Leeara Park Elizabeth Arden

producing and feeding youngstock for the show ring

Arden – Champion Riding Pony filly

Arden is now a two year old and is currently being prepared for the show ring on the T&R Grower and Weaner pellets. We feel as a maturing show pony, her top line and condition is spot on. She has been taught to lunge and is exercised a couple of times weekly, which assists to build her condition gradually. At this age, you do not want the riding pony to be overweight or over conditioned, yet more so evenly proportioned with purposeful top line. Her coat condition is remarkable and she is feeling and looking extremely healthy, however her behaviour is not fizzy or heated up. We feel the T&R Grower and Weaner pellet suits her to a tea and provides all the right things that she needs as a growing two year old.

Arden has recently been to the Perth Royal Show, and claimed the Champion Riding Pony Filly title, ahead of the yearling fillies and three year old fillies. An enormous effort for a two year old, with the judge commenting on just how well conditioned she looked.


Producing ‘Leeara Park Diamond Petite’

Marnie - fuelled by Claytons Pellets

Marnie – now a 5 yo mare produced on Claytons Pellets

Marnie was broken in at three years of age and it was at this stage that we decided to utilise a different T&R feed product, that being the Claytons Pellets. As Marnie was required to exert a greater amount of energy when working under saddle, the Claytons Pellets provided a high fibre, digestible feed that fitted in perfectly with her ridden regime. As she became more educated, Marnie began competing under saddle at ridden shows. Being a no gain, cool feed, this is exactly what we needed, to keep our up and coming show pony level headed both when training at home, and out and about competing.

This in turn has led Marnie to achieving fantastic results. Being only in her newcomer year, Marnie has already claimed the Newcomer Large Hunter Pony of the Year, EWA Large Hunter Pony of the Year (Runner up in 2017 as well), Champion Novice Hunter Pony at the Perth Royal Show as well as winning her open class, plus back to back Champion Ridden Riding Pony Hunter at the Perth Royal Show. The T&R products that she is produced on, assists Marnie to look the best that she possibly can, allowing her to perform 100% which is clearly resulting in her achieving results to the highest of levels. Marnie is currently being prepared to travel to Melbourne in December to represent WA at the EA Show Horse and Rider National Championships. We are confident that she will travel fit and healthy being produced on T&R feeds.

Marnie - Newcomer Hunter Pony of the Year

Marnie – Newcomer Large Hunter Pony of the Year

The T&R products are absolutely second to none and as stud owners we cannot recommend the feed highly enough. As they are manufactured in Western Australia, we are proud to be supporting our local farming communities. Our Show Horses have never looked better, and we are excited to see what the future holds for both our breeding stock and competition horses, who are all produced on Thompson and Redwood feed products.

Thanks again T&R, we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Caris & Brittany Reside
Leeara Park

Jade Salpietro
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