The Advantages of Feeding Muesli to Horses

Infographic on advantages of muesli for horses

The Advantages of Feeding Muesli to Horses

Muesli is a form of horse feed which consists of whole grains and legumes, usually mixed with canola oil and molasses. The grains and legumes in mueslis are slow cooked and steam rolled, to make them digestible for horses. 

Horse feed comes in so many forms now, it can be hard to choose which one is best for your horse! Each form, like cubes, pellets or muesli, has it’s own set of advantages. Which one you choose depends on the type of horse, their exercise levels and your performance goals.  In this article, we’ve broken down some of the advantages of feeding muesli to horses, and if you scroll down, you can meet our magnificent muesli range!


So what are the advantages of feeding muesli to horses?

🌾 The benefit of the whole grain:

Did you know that the husks or shells of grains and legumes are valuable sources of nutrition for your horse too? The husks/hulls offer fibre, and lupin hulls for example are a good source of protein. This means your horse gets the benefit of the whole grain! 


🌾Increased chewing = increased saliva:

Muesli feeds encourage your horse to chew each mouthful more, with 1kg of muesli needing an average 900 chews! Increased chewing produces more saliva, which helps with digestion and is vital for buffering the acid in the stomach. A horse actually only produces saliva when they are chewing, not like us, or a dog who just needs to think about food to start drooling. 

🌾Steam Rolled

In our muesli range, all the grains are slow cooked and steam rolled. But what does this mean? The steam rolling process starts the gelatinisation process in grains, which makes them more easily digestible by horses, who otherwise cannot process them most whole grains (oats are the only whole grain a horse can digest.) So this increased digestibility actually improves the energy availability of the grains.

🌾Added molasses

Muesli feeds have added molasses which makes them EXTRA delicious, and great for fussy eaters. Sometimes horses that have been unwell can lose their appetites, so muesli can help them to come back onto their feed. 

🌾Slower feed intake

Because muesli needs to be chewed more, your horse tends to slow down their feed intake, which can help to avoid issues such as choke. 

🌾Added oil

Canola oil is high in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to condition, improve coat health and add shine to your horse, and Omega-3’s have also been linked to reductions in inflammation.

🌾 Fortified with Vitamins & Minerals

Our muesli blends contain an added vitamin & mineral pellet to ensure your horse’s nutritional requirements are met, and added biotin and methionine promote good hoof health and strength.

Meet our great range of muesli feeds

We offer a range of muesli feeds to suit the varying needs of horses and their exercise intensity. Take a look, and get in touch with us if you’d like more information.

All feeds in our muesli range include grains and legumes which are slow cooked and steam rolled to improve nutrient digestion, ensuring energy is immediately available for work.

We’re also happy to provide a free custom diet plan – click here to go to our submission page

might & Power - Oat Free Muesli

Oat Free Muesli
Click image for more information

Highly digestible energy and protein source to support high levels of exercise and intensity.  

Typical Ingredients:

  • Flaked BarleyFlaked Lupins
  • Flaked MaizeBlack Sunflower
  • Canola OilMolasses
  • Vitamin and Mineral Pellet
Click image for more information

A highly digestible mix of grains plus vitamins and minerals to support exercise at all levels of intensity.  Added Canola oil and sunflower seeds for coat shine.

Typical Ingredients:

  • Flaked BarleySalt
  • Flaked LupinsMolasses
  • Steam Rolled OatsCalcium
  • Black Sunflower SeedsCanola Oil
  • Vitamins & Minerals Premix
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A sweet mix of steam rolled grains that will maximise performance potential at elite levels. Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and minerals including essential amino acids and added biotin for improved hoof quality.

Typical Ingredients:

  • Flaked BarleyFlaked Lupins
  • Flaked Faba BeansBlack Sunflower Seeds
  • CalciumDi-Cal
  • Flaked MaizeSteam Rolled Oats
  • LysineCanola Oil
  • MethionineMolasses
  • SaltVitamin & Mineral Pellet
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