The Miracle Cubes! Our experience with Lupin Fibre Cubes

The Miracle Cubes! Our experience with Lupin Fibre Cubes

- Caris & Britt Reside | Leeara Park

Fussy eaters, too much fizz, needing more topline, digestion concerns and the occasional laminitis episode, these were all issues we have been faced with over the years. Until the breakthrough of the outstanding new Thompson and Redwood product ‘Lupin Fibre Cubes’!

We can still remember being on a sponsored rider’s video call, when the team at Thompson and Redwood shared with us that there was a new product being developed. Something that was super exciting. Something that was going to fill the gap that not only we were experiencing, but other horse enthusiasts as well. 

The introduction of the LFC has been an undeniable success. For us at Leeara Park, we love how versatile the product is, from a breeding, training and competing perspective. We love that it is made from lupin hulls instead of lupins themselves, meaning that they are lower in sugar and starch but still have a good source of amino acids for healthy function and coat conditioning.

Rolle – 20yo Pony Stallion

They have suited our 20-year-old pony stallion Rolle to a tee! We were having issues with feeds being too high in sugar and having the occasional laminitic episode, yet we couldn’t get enough weight on him. The LFC have proved to be the answer, he looks the best he has looked in years and is 100% sound and happy! This is the only ‘cube’ Rolle is fed, coupled with chaff and he licks the feed bin clean.

We have found that because the product turns into a highly palatable mash when soaked, that it has suited the fussiest of eaters in our team. Seven-year-old show Galloway Arden much prefers a slightly wet down feed than dry, however there is a fine line to that! With the addition of soaked LFC, with minimal additional water, she finishes every breakfast and dinner feed.

This product has really assisted in building her topline and gaining weight in all the right places. Recently at a show, we were told multiple times how well Arden looked and how mature she has become. We do believe the addition of LFC has aided in this development. We love that the cubes are compatible with other T&R pellets and in Arden’s case, she is also fed the Clayton’s Pellets.


Another on our team that LFC has greatly benefited is four-year-old warmblood x thoroughbred Quinn. He has been known to have a sensitive stomach at times in the past. With the addition of LFC to his diet, Quinn receives the probiotics and fibre intake that he needs to maintain a healthy gut.

We also find that during the dry Summer season, the LFC are a good feed source to replace fibre while the grass / hay availability is low. At other times in the year, we have utilised LFC as part of our wet mares’ feeds, ensuring they too receive the fibre intake required to lactate efficiently and feed their foals. Whilst also gaining weight and condition in a healthy way post foaling.

Arden has matured and filled out beautifully.
Quinn has a sensitive tummy, and thrives on his Lupin Fibre Cubes

Yearling gelding Archer has considered himself a lucky one as he enjoyed the LFC with his dam and continued this post weaning! His LFC intake was initially coupled with grower weaner pellets, and now with clayton’s pellets. They have ensured he is supported to develop strong muscle growth along with good gut health from a young age. It is a perfect addition to a young horse’s diet as it is a cool, low fizz energy source.

A real plus for us is that you get big results from feeding a small amount of LFC. They are a cost-effective option and really are a ‘piece of cake’ to prepare. We choose to add cold water to the LFC buckets which take approximately 8-10 minutes to soak. With their appealing taste, and high palatability, there is NO wastage!

We love that they are WA made and that they have been produced to suit the needs of a range of horses and ponies. If you haven’t tried the LFC with your team yet, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough. They really have been a game changer for us.

Britt & Caris Reside | Leeara Park

Ally Doumany
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