2024 T&R Junior Ambassador Search

2024 T&R Junior Ambassador Search

After the success of our Junior Ambassador program this year, we have decided to open applications for another group of Junior Riders to join us in 2024! We have a fantastic team of riders on our program and focus not just on sporting achievements but also hard work, community involvement, leadership and sportsmanship.  

Our team is kind and supportive and we want to give 3 junior riders the opportunity to join us as they work towards their goals. 

Who are we looking for?

Junior riders aged between 10 and 16 years old (as at the 1st of January 2024) from any horse sport or discipline! 

You need to be currently feeding Thompson and Redwood feeds. 

We’re looking for riders that are working hard to achieve their riding goals. We’d like to see your past performances with your horse or pony, what your plans are for 2024 and how your working towards achieving your short, medium and long term goals are. We would also like to see any involvement you have with your sport off the horse, i.e. helping at your local club or volunteering at events. 

Being a part of our team is not just about event performance, it’s also about having a positive attitude, good sportsmanship and the hard work and training you put in at home. 

What does being a Junior Ambassador mean?

Becoming a Junior Ambassador means that you will be provided with support from our nutrition team and the opportunity for mentoring from our team and sponsored riders. We will supply you with a merchandise pack and saddle blanket so that you can compete with as a T&R Ambassador. 

We will also provide you with some support towards fuelling your horse or pony during 2024. 

What are the requirements for 2023?

You will need to demonstrate a commitment to your sport and goals throughout 2024. We do require monthly updates. Please read the full requirements, terms & conditions document below for more details. 

How do you apply?

Fill out the online form below with information about you, your horses, achievements and goals.  We also want to know why you think you’d make a good Junior Ambassador for T&R. 

Hint: don’t overthink this, it just write your application from the heart, we want to get to know you! 


requirements, Terms & Conditions

Please read the full requirements, terms and conditions (and get your parent or guardian to read these too). You will need to agree to these in order to apply. 

Junior Ambassador Search Application Form
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