Nutritionally balanced to meet your alpaca’s needs.

Thompson & Redwood Alpaca Mix contains added vitamins and minerals specially for alpacas. The steam rolled grains provide energy and protein for optimum health and well-being.

Product Sizes Available: 25KG

  • A sweet feed of flaked grain mixed with molasses.
  • Fortified with Advanced Feeds vitamin and mineral premix.
  • Each bag displays an Expiry Date, so you know its fresh.
  • We believe the best way for your alpaca to receive the vital nutrients and energy it needs is through a natural product. Minimal processing ensures our ingredients keep their natural goodness

Nutritional Analysis : Guaranteed Minimums

  • Crude Protein (%) 12.5
  • M.E. (MJ/Kg) 10.8
  • Calcium (g/kg) 1.91
  • Sodium (g/kg) 0.31
  • Phosphorous (g/kg) 0.89
  • Potassium (g/kg) 0.95
  • Vitamin A (IU/kg) 20000
  • Vitamin D (IU/kg) 4000
  • Zinc (mg) 200.0
  • Manganese (mg) 150.0
  • Iron(mg)200.0
  • Biotin (mg)20.0
  • Cobalt (mg)1.5
  • Copper (mg/kg)30.0
  • Fibre (%)15.3
  • Vitamin E (mg/kg)120.0
  • Vitamin B12 (mg/kg)120.0
  • Magnesium (mg)300.0
  • Selenium (mg/kg)0.30

Typical Ingredients

May contain one or more of the following due to seasonal variations: Flaked Barley, Flaked Lupins, Steam Rolled Oats, Black Sunflower Seeds, Lucerne, Molasses, Vitamin & Mineral Premix.

Storage Instructions

Store in dry, cool and clean place. When stored under correct conditions, best before 12 months from packing date.

Feeding Guide

Feed as part of a balanced diet. Recommended daily intake of 1-2% of body weight. Please introduce slowly over a 3-5 day period. Feed in conjunction with high quality roughage and ensure clean, fresh water is available at all times.