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A herbal blend, ideal for horses and ponies prone to excitability or stress.

Stressed, anxious or hot horses may demonstrate dangerous behaviours like rearing, spooking and bolting. When diet, exercise, training, exposure and management have been addressed, horse owners may look at a calming supplement to help with difficult and flighty behaviour.

Dodson & Horrell’s Placid is a natural way to help calm horses who are susceptible to stress. Placid is a herbal blend combining herbs to help relax and relieve nervous horses.

Rather than simply suppressing the unwanted behaviour, Placid is a natural horse calmer that works holistically on the horse. The herbs used may not only help to reduce stress for the horse, they may also have a positive effect on the horse’s digestion, muscle tension and inflammation.

Placid is designed to help horses focus on what they are being asked by the rider or handler, and not an outside influence. Reducing the horse’s stress levels allows for faster, more effective training. While only recently introduced to Australia, Placid has been helping to settle UK horses since 1992.

Placid contains a combination of Chamomile, Lemon balm and Vervain, each renowned for their calming properties.

  • Chamomile is known as a relaxant which can help nervous conditions.
  • Lemon Balm contains chemicals that seem to have a quitening and calming effect. It also smells really refreshing.
  • Vervain is used widely as a relaxant – it was considered a holy plant to the ancient Greeks and Romans

Keep calm and ride on with Placid.

Feeding guidelines:

  • Ponies and smaller horses = 1½ scoops per day
  • Larger horses = 2 scoops per day
    1 scoop (100ml) = 15g.*

*Please use scoop provided.

Lasts approximately 44 days depending on the size of the horse. Comes in a 1kg tub. Please be aware that herb density can vary, therefore may alter the number of days available.

Note – Owner should be aware that some blends may contain naturally occurring constituents that may be restricted by some equine sport regulators. Do not feed to mares in foal.


We are able to post 1-2 tubs of Placid for the flat rate of $15.60 Australia-wide.

Placid Testimonials:

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 20.5 cm

4 reviews for Dodson & Horrell Placid

  1. Sophie Warren Equestrian

    Our job is to train young horses and make this process as stress free as possible for them. D&H Placid helps us to help the most sensitive of Horses transition their training successfully and calmly producing a good result every time. A must for anyone with a skittish, sensitive or flighty horse if any age or breed!

  2. Sustainable Equitation

    Placid is a fabulous addition to the diet of sensitive horses. It helps to put the balance back in to their training, especially in times of stress such as competition or when furthering their training. Help your horse to help you!

  3. Katelyn Prendiville

    I use this product on a sensitive, flighty and often nervous mare. We have seen great results and would definitely recommend this to others. Love that it’s a natural product with no nasties.

  4. Caroline Maycroft

    I started my young filly on placid sometime ago to “take the edge off” after taking her out to a breed show. I realised although I had a super gleaming young filly I was under prepared, the filly was under trained and she was really confused and nervous. I went home with an agenda and training begun. With the aid of Dodson & Horrell Placid, training and consistancy our next few outings were alot more successful and my filly was relatively stress free.
    I definately noticed a relaxing result resonably quickly and would personally recommend Placid

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