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Herbal support for a healthy coat and skin.

The Dodson & Horrell Itch-Free formula has been designed for horses and ponies prone to itching, rubbing and ‘sweet itch’.


  • Nettle and burdock root – contain essential minerals to support the formation and maintenance of a normal skin and coat.
  • Chamomile – renowned for its calming properties.
  • Garlic granules – for support of the immune and circulatory systems.

Feeding guidelines: 

Ponies and smaller horses = 2 scoops per day.*
Larger horses = 2½ scoops per day
1 scoop (100ml) = 25g.*

*Please use scoop provided.

One tubs lasts approximately 20 days, depending on the size of the horse. Comes in a 1kg tub. Please be aware that herb density can vary, therefore may alter the number of days available.

Note – Owner should be aware that some blends may contain naturally occurring constituents that may be restricted by some equine sport regulators. Do not feed to mares in foal.

Please note that if purchased in multiples of two, shipping costs will be reduced. Please select ‘Weight-based shipping’ when selecting shipping method if purchasing more than one tub.

Additional product information can be found at the Dodson & Horrell website.


Itch-Free Testimonials

“Highly recommend the Itch Free product. We live in the Mandurah area and have a high mosquito population at certain times of the year. We tried the Itch Free last summer and couldn’t be happier with the result. Josie is a much happier little horse and we were able to do a lot less rugging.”

“Kentaur Pyro had itchy lumps covering his body that looked very sore (as well as unsightly). Within 2 weeks of being on the Itch Free, they had completely cleared up and he was so much happier!”

Dodson and Horrell Itch Free

“My Palomino gelding Brocky at this time of the year gets tormented by flies and goes from a placid, relaxed boy to a distracted cranky boy who ends up covered in bites and can’t stand still, spending all his time trying to get them off. I feel so bad for him and rug him when not too hot. I have had several vet visits when he has been covered in hives and bites
So I started him on Dodson and Horrell ‘Itch Free’ 13 days ago. He took to it straight away and eats it all up in his dinner. I noticed a difference after about 7 days, much happier in the paddock and not being tormented by midges/flies. But the real difference was today riding out when he would normally be covered in flies (and the flies were around) but no!! One or two landed on him over our whole hour’s ride. So happy I put him on this product, so good to see him happy and we were able to enjoy our ride out in peace. I also normally cover him in fly spray (which doesn’t really stop them but does help) but today I had run out so no spray on and still no flies!”

Liz Tollarzo Itch Free

“This is an amazing product! This is my horse before and after using the D&H Itch Free herbal blend for 4 weeks.”

Itch Free Dodson and Horrell Testimonial

“This past October, my Quarter horse mare was diagnosed as having an allergic reaction to insect bites. Hives and swelling popped up rapidly all over her body and as she had previously suffered from laminitis, she was unfortunately not a good candidate for Prednisolone treatment. Thankfully, within a week of trialling the Itch Free herbs, my horse’s swelling had greatly reduced!

After a month of using Itch Free and keeping her well covered, I was able to return my mare to full ridden work. We live in a wetlands area, so I plan to use Itch Free as a preventative over the Spring/Summer months from now on, and I’m not the only one – two other horse owners on my street are also having success with these herbs. Thank you Thompson & Redwood for keeping my horse Itch Free!”

Itch Free Dodson and Horrell Testimonial

“Roughly a year ago, Hugo started having severe reactions on his face, body & legs, which the vets believe is some form of insect allergy but were unable to 100% diagnose. This meant his schooling had to stop & he was rugged 24/7 in an insect proof rug covering his face, ears, body & stomach, plus matching boots. I started him on the Dodson & Horrell ‘Itch Free’ herbal blend and the results so far have been unbelievable! First day back in work in over 12 months 


Weight1.0 kg
Dimensions30 × 15 × 20.5 cm

2 reviews for Dodson & Horrell Itch-Free

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Katelyn Prendiville

    This product worked wonders on my 4yo warmblood gelding who suddenly developed itchy lumps all over his body. Within a fortnight they were completely cleared up and he is so much happier!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sophie Warren Equestrian

    This product worked long-term where nothing else did! One of our mkst successful event horses, a 9 year old thoroughbred, began suffering from lumps and loss of hair in her hind legs and during that time became hyper sensitive to insect bites. She was treated heavily with fungicides, antibiotics, steriods and topicals to no avail. Enter D&H Itch-Free and she hasn’t looked back.

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