Dodson & Horrell Herbs

Dodson & Horrell Herbs

Thompson and Redwood are the proud Australian stockists of Dodson & Horrell herbal supplements.

Established in 1939, Dodson & Horrell is Europe’s leading horse feed manufacturer, and has grown to become one of the most trusted authorities on animal nutrition worldwide. Their herbal blends are formulated by their expert herbalist to the highest possible standards.

So why use herbs?

Originally, horses living in the wild would maintain their health by seeking out and consuming a variety of herbs found naturally in their environment. Now, with horses commonly kept stabled or in fertilised fields, they no longer have access to the natural support they once did. A growing number of vets are now advocating the effects of herbs to promote health and well being in all types of horses.

The raw ingredients for the Dodson & Horrell herb range are sourced only from trusted farmers, with thorough testing undergone upon their arrival to the factory.

Thompson and Redwood are proud to be the first and only stockists of these herbs in Australia. Our range includes:


These herbs can be purchased at our online store with delivery Australia wide.

If you require any more information about Dodson & Horrell products, you can contact them direct at their nutritional helpline: +44 (0) 845 345 2627

You can also visit their website at

Please note that Dodson & Horrell herbs have a 2 year shelf life.

Dodson and Horrell Australia

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