Dodson & Horrell Firm Foot 4kg


A dried herbal blend to promote strong and healthy hooves, ideal for barefoot horses or those with poor hoof quality.

All horse owners understand that the expression, “no hoof, no horse” is painfully accurate. If you have a horse with poor hooves you may be battling with:

  • Brittle and easily cracked hoof wall
  • White line disease
  • Thin, soft soles
  • Laminitis
  • Lameness and tenderness

Hoof supplements, in conjunction with good equine nutrition, can assist to improve the quality of your horse’s hooves. Dodson & Horrell’s Firm Foot is a herbal blend designed for shod, barefoot and transitioning horses. It provides a natural way to take care of your horse’s hooves from the inside out.

Firm Foot has been in the UK market for many years with excellent results seen with hoof hardness, growth rate and quality. Now, horse owners in Australia are catching on and can’t believe their eyes. One impressed horse owner said she “put the foot down again and picked up the other one, thinking I had the wrong foot!”

The Firm Foot herbal blend contains a carefully formulated combination of seaweed and rosehips to promote circulation and hoof growth.

The supplement was created following the careful observation that cloven animals grazing on seaweed at the coastline never seem to have problems with their feet.

This may have something to do with the fact that seaweed contains many minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Not all seaweed is created equal though – some have metal residues or too much iodine.

The seaweed in Dodson & Horrell’s Firm Foot is certified organic from Connemara in Southern Ireland on the Atlantic Coast and has passed all tests. Herbalist David Hussey blends fine cut rosehips with the seaweed – these ingredients mixed together are doing amazing things for horses with hoof problems.

Feeding guidelines: 

Ponies and smaller horses = 1/2 scoop per day.*
Larger horses = 3/4 scoop per day
1/2 scoop (100ml) = 38g.*

*Please use scoop provided.

Lasts approximately 105 days depending on the size of the horse. Comes in a 4kg tub. Please be aware that herb density can vary, therefore may alter the number of days available.

Additional product information can be found at the Dodson & Horrell website.


We are able to post 1 tub of Firm Foot for the flat rate of $22.45 Australia-wide.

Firm Foot Testimonials:

Firm Foot Horse Herbs

Before and after shot of Rosie’s hooves after being on the Dodson & Horrell ‘Firm Foot’ herbal blend. Rosie is a warmblood mare who experienced dry, cracked hooves over summer. 8 weeks later, they are firming up nicely (see bottom photos).

Dodson and Horrell Firm Foot

“I was keen to try the Dodson and Horrell ‘Firm Foot’ herbal blend as my horse had a huge crack about 3mm wide, extending from the coronet band to the base of the hoof. The crack was wide open and she has suffered several abscesses. To be honest, I thought that was going to be the end of her as she has had all sorts of treatments and is in a bar shoe all the time.

I wasn’t expecting a miracle but willing to try anything. I am absolutely kicking myself that I didn’t take a photo on day one but kept saying I would do so next time I had my phone on me as didn’t really expect results. With one thing and another, a death in the family (among other things), the horse was left in the paddock and just checked daily and fed.

Imagine my complete surprise and delight when I bought her in this week and picked up her foot to have a look at the crack. I put the foot down again and picked up the other one, thinking I had the wrong foot – but no of course I had the right foot.

The crack has started growing out from the coronet – about 1.5cm of new growth, and I don’t know how, but the 3mm wide crack is now barely visible. The horse has gone from 3 legged lame to probably a grade 1 lameness and I am tempted to take her out for a walk under saddle soon.

I can’t thank you enough for this amazing product. No matter what else my horse does or doesn’t get, she’s on Firm Foot for life.

This photo shows how the hoof has grown down since being on the Firm Foot (the big the crack was all the way up to the coronet band previously, and would occasionally bleed).”

Weight 4 kg


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