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The Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare is a comforting herbal blend to help calm your hormonal mare. It is a calming supplement made up of six soothing herbs to assist with the behaviour of mares in season.

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Mares in season can exhibit unwanted behaviour and in some cases, can become difficult to ride. If you are the owner of a “marey mare” you might be finding that your horse:

  • Urinates frequently, even when you’re riding
  • Is sensitive to being groomed or tacked up
  • Demonstrates bad behaviour like biting, kicking, squealing and tail swishing
  • Has a poor worth ethic and becomes reluctant to travel forward or focus
  • Spends time calling out, flirting or is frequently distracted

If your moody mare is struggling with a hormone imbalance, the Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare herbal blend may help.

Stroppy Mare is a calming supplement made up of six soothing herbs to help settle the behaviour of mares in heat. It contains:

  • Chamomile – known as a natural calmative
  • Vervain – thought to restore the nervous system
  • St John’s wort – often used to improve mood and behaviour
  • Chaste tree berries – understood to support normal hormonal function
  • Raspberry leaves – considered to regulate hormones
  • Peony petals – believed to provide a calming action for nervous irritation

Join the Stroppy Mare fan club and let your cranky mare problems become a thing of the past!

Stroppy Mare Testimonial

Stroppy Mare Testimonial

“My mare Lace has been struggling with anxiety, which we believe derived from her hormones. It made showing or even just a trail ride extremely stressful for her and slowed down her progress immensely. I’ve found that Dodson & Horrell’s Stroppy Mare herbal mix has really improved her overall wellbeing and thankfully I now have a noticeably less anxious horse that seems far happier, even in stressful situations. At the recent Swan River CIC the difference in her demeanor, her attitude and her rideability was amazing and I finally got to have a decent warm up at a competition that didn’t stress her out too much. Thank you Dodson & Horrell for your product and Thompson and Redwood for supplying! Also thanks to my brilliant coaches Portland Jones and Sophie Warren for helping me find an easily sustainable solution for my horse’s health.”

Feeding guidelines:

Ponies and smaller horses = 1½ scoops or per day.*
Larger horses = 2 scoops per day
1 scoop (100ml) = 15g.*

*Please use scoop provided.

Lasts approximately 44 days depending on the size of the horse. Comes in a 1kg tub. Please be aware that herb density can vary, therefore may alter the number of days available.


We are able to post 1-2 tubs of Stroppy Mare for the flat rate of $22.45 Australia-wide.



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